Google's 'share your story' group !! Taken down

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by jameshanley39, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. this group came up in "my groups" on With a google logo.

    I don't know if it was set up by Google. It was called "share your
    story". People posted endless posts about how things were garbage..
    google kept redesigning things, features vanished.

    Now the group's down, and almost in the dustbin of history..

    Consecutive posts like this!

    the very basics
    Recently left YAHOO for Google. In YAHOO, ny documents are kept in
    a, let's say, file cabinet. I can open it and peruse all the files
    inside. Google asks me what file I want. I don't know the names.
    Additionally, when I tried linking to a file that I'd saved, Google
    told me that the file didn't exist. Hoepfully, I am doing something...
    more »
    By - Sep 3 - 2 new of 2

    What happened to tags? Loss of flexibility for me
    I teach online, and use gDocs to collaborate with my fellow teacher.
    With tags, we could sort by student, by assignment, by graded or not
    graded, etc. Imagine my suprise, when I came back after summer break
    to discover, "NO TAGS"! With folders, we are really limited. We can
    have a folder for each assignment, or we can have a folder for each
    student, but we can't... more »
    By - Aug 29 - 2 new of 2 messages

    Did we hit the reverse gear on innovation, or this is just a
    I have been using gdocs ever since I accidently bumped into this
    feature. So far I have convinced atleast 2 people besides me to use
    this feature. And they were as happy as I am till one day; when it all
    changed. One fine day I saw all these ugly looking folders instead of
    the labels in gDocs. I have to admin being a gDoc freak ( I have 3
    accounts used for... more »
    By BornGoogler - Aug 29 - 1 new of 1 message

    Giving up on gDocs - boo folders!
    When google documents (gDocs) arrived on the scene, it as a godsend.
    Not only is it great for archiving online articles that will soon
    disappear from the original source site, they are also a great way to
    keep lists and personal notes. Combined with firefox shortcuts, gDocs
    are a very powerful tool. I use... more »
    By greenLED - Aug 29 - 1 new of 1 message

    Uploading Spreadsheets to Google Documents a Waste of Time
    Whenever I try to upload a spreadsheet (which is well below the size
    limit) I get the message: "We're sorry, but we were unable to upload
    this document." I also tried emailing the spreadsheet from my gmail
    account following the instructions given at google documents. Nothing
    happens. No spreadsheet arrives via email.... more »
    By - Aug 28 - 2 new of 2 messages
    jameshanley39, Sep 19, 2007
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