Google home page now loads very slowly

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by dcardarelli, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. dcardarelli

    dcardarelli Guest

    My home page in the past always came up in a flash. But lately, it lugs along and loads very slowly.

    I have run SpyBot, Super Spyware, cold boot, but if it does help, in is only short lived.

    I have a Del 8300, XP Pro, am running Norton for years, Comcast for the internet.

    Are there any thoughts on this?


    dcardarelli, Apr 22, 2013
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  2. dcardarelli

    dcardarelli Guest

    Problem seems to have gone away. Might have been a temporary Comcast related issue doing maintenance, etc.

    dcardarelli, Apr 23, 2013
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  3. dcardarelli

    Julie Bove Guest

    Nah. I think it was a Google problem. I don't often use it but when I
    tried to the other day it was hanging up or something.
    Julie Bove, Apr 23, 2013
  4. dcardarelli

    dcardarelli Guest

    The problem did not go away. But I found the problem. My router was slowly failing.

    The internet cable goes to the router, then the router to the modem, and then the modem to the computer.

    I removed the router and hooked up the internet cable directly to the computer, and now all is well.

    I am going to replace the router and I will be on the search for a good one.


    dcardarelli, Apr 25, 2013
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