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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by glowell, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. glowell

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    I need a cost effective solution that provides a reasonable amount of

    The environment is a remote office using a cable Internet connection
    with a couple of public IP addresses. The site will contain two W2K3
    domain security servers. One server will support our company domain
    and the other will support a training lab domain that is used by one of
    our suppliers (I control the lab hardware/software but the supplier is
    responsible for those who use it). I need to have a site-to-site VPN
    tunnel and Internet access for the company domain, but only need
    Internet access for the training lab domain. I have a Cisco PIX 515UR
    at the corporate office as well as a Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator. In
    terms of spare equipment, I have a Cisco VPN3002 Hardware Client. The
    training domain will support up to a dozen people and the company
    domain will have about the same.

    I have never set-up a hardware site-to-site VPN before (or a split
    tunnel) and am not sure how to lay out the network. I am somewhat
    concerned about preventing the lab domain from gaining access to our
    company domain - but it seems low risk. I need to buy a firewall
    (preferably Cisco to enhance interoperability with existing
    infrastructure). If I can use the 3002 for the corporate VPN tunnel,
    then I can buy an inexpensive PIX (501 - 50 user) to handle the
    Internet traffic for the remote office people as well as the training
    lab folks. Another solution is to run all of the "company" traffic
    back through the 3002 and just have the lab on the 501 (I just hate the
    thought remote offices using corporate bandwidth in both directions).

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
    glowell, Dec 27, 2005
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