Good Site to Download AVG

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Brad, May 20, 2008.

  1. Brad

    Brad Guest


    I have a dial-up connection. I can't afford high speed.

    I tried to download AVG anti-virus software (45MB) from the following site
    below, but after 1.5 hours, a problem occurred with the download.

    Note: I did this very early one morning, but the download rate was 30kbs!
    Normally, I can download around 53kbs early in the morning.

    A Google search found so many places to download AVG, that I was
    overwhelmed. What is a good site to download AVG?

    Thanks in advance, Brad

    Before you type your password, credit card number, etc.,
    be sure there is no active keystroke logger (spyware) in your PC.
    Brad, May 20, 2008
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  2. Brad

    Paul Guest

    Grisoft appears to be the source.

    A quick test gives a file size of 45.6MB, and the download starts at 90KB/sec.
    So there seems to be enough server bandwidth there, to keep one extra
    dialup user happy.

    Have fun,
    Paul, May 20, 2008
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  3. Brad

    Baron Guest

    Brad Inscribed thus:
    You are aware that if you phone AVG they will send you an evaluation
    CD !
    Baron, May 21, 2008
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