Good notebook for video & photo editing?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by DHB, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. DHB

    DHB Guest

    I'm looking to purchase a new notebook that will perform the
    following functions well:

    1> Import digital video from my camcorder via (Firewire).

    2> Edit, render & burn it to a Dual Layer DVD.

    3> Also it needs to meet my digital still editing needs well. Basic
    stuff here including PSE-5 with RAW conversion plug-in & Neat Image
    noise reduction software.

    4> A DVI-D video output is a must have.

    5> Also no "shared" RAM, a 17" wide screen LCD might be nice too?

    6> Not interested in an apple notebook, as it is I will likely have to
    deal with learning VISTA!

    At this point Toshiba seems to meet my needs best but was
    wondering what others are using & what they like & or dislike about
    what they have.

    Also I am not concerned with the notebooks battery life or
    it's weight, I just want a portable unit that I can take with me & do
    my digital video & still photography editing on & also output the
    results onto DVD without having to connect anything more than an AC or
    DC power converter.

    Last note is that I would like to keep the cost under $2,000
    US if possible. Thanks in advance for any & all genuine attempts to
    help me narrow down the choices.

    Respectfully, DHB

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    DHB, Apr 17, 2007
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