Good A+ prep?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Tim Proctor, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Tim Proctor

    Tim Proctor Guest

    Currently I am in charge of a mixed network of 9 Macs and 13 PCs.

    That includes hardware software fixes and repairs and such. I have been
    building my own PCs also for about 7 years as well.

    I got hold of the A+ Complete Certification Kit from Sybex.
    I was wondering how representative the questions in the practice tests are
    of the real tests.
    Also should I be looking at other prep books/software?

    Any heklp is greatly appreciated

    Tim Proctor, Sep 29, 2008
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  2. Tim Proctor

    Bill Eitner Guest

    The way I understand it, Mike Myers and Sybex
    are the two highest rated self-study courses.

    I'm doing a Microsoft Office course right now.
    After that I'll be finishing up the A+. I have
    both Myers and Sybex but only have direct experience
    with Myers. However, one thing I noticed about
    Sybex that I liked was the flash cards. A year
    ago I did a Marcraft Computer Service Technician
    certificate course. Something I thought would be
    handy while I was going through that was flash
    cards for things that need to be memorized like
    resource allocations. I'm hoping that's what the
    Sybex flash cards are about. In any case, in my
    opinion, practice testing is the most important
    tool. With enough varied practice testing most
    anyone can pass the test whether they are competent
    or not.

    And as for Mac, there's no Mac stuff on the A+
    anymore. And that's a minus from my point of
    view as I think Mac material would be good exposure
    for guys like me who have limited Mac experience.
    After the A+ I'm seriously considering going after
    an Apple certification.
    Bill Eitner, Sep 30, 2008
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  3. Tim Proctor

    Figaro Guest

    I found the books quit helpfull.
    know the termonowledgy and names of things and you should do well.

    Figaro, Oct 2, 2008
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