GNR8N - the place where students can BUY-SELL-TRADE-AUCTION almost anything to other students

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by rickwhulme, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. rickwhulme

    rickwhulme Guest

    Please check out our new website and please leave
    feedback, set up your own groups, sell tickets to other students for
    events etc... Start your own Blog etc... Start your own community etc...
    In our community section
    · Win theatre tickets, Poker tables and other cool stuff in our FREE
    monthly draws
    · FREE registration!
    · Sell to other Students on your campus!
    · Save on Time Wasted putting Posters & Flyers up around Campus to
    sell your items!
    · Save on Postage, Delivery etc...
    · Sell-Buy-Trade-Auction to Other University campuses in the UK,
    Europe, Canada, USA & Australia

    Our Website is for students 2 BUY-SELL-TRADE-AUCTION between
    themselves, on their own campus of other University campuses - you
    must have a valid / .edu email address for registration

    We are also looking for a technical person (Ideally a Computer
    Sciences Student etc...) who has experience of PHP to work with us as
    our website is constantly evolving due to feedback from our members -

    Please check out our website for details of our Student Brand Manager
    vacancies - which are available at all UK Universities initially, but
    we are also interested in applications from Australia, Canada & the
    United States.
    rickwhulme, Jun 10, 2007
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