Gigastack, Spanning Tree, And Trunk Links

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Amy L., Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Amy L.

    Amy L. Guest

    Are gigastack links treated like any other normal link?

    I have 3 3550's that will be gigastacked together. The gigastack will
    be from (switch A -> Switch B, Switch B -> Switch C, Switch C ->
    Switch A).

    Switch A will also have a connection back to our "Core A" switch.
    Switch B will also have a connection back to our "Core B" switch.

    Across those 3 3550's I will have several VLANs running. My questions
    are as follows

    1.) Will I need to setup a trunk across the 3550 gigastack links? Is
    the giagstack link a normal "link" or does it create some type of
    special matrix between the switches (i.e. extension of the switches
    2.) How does spanning tree come into play on this? For example if we
    were using only one switch one of the links to the core will be
    blocked by spanning tree. Should I expect anything different in a
    gigastack configuration?

    Amy L., Dec 5, 2003
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  2. Amy L.

    chris Guest

    The gigastack links like like normal links. You'll need to trunk
    across the gigastack links since you have vlans. Spanning-tree should
    work fine, although you might want to play with some of the options
    like uplink-fast.
    chris, Dec 6, 2003
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