Getting Yahoo Mail with Outlook Express

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jeff Strickland, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Can I set OE to collect Yahoo Mail?

    I have Verizon FiOS, which uses Yahoo Mail for its email experience, but the
    address is I can set OE to pull the mail by setting
    the POP3 information properly.

    I also have some mail accounts, and would like to pull that mail
    into OE too. I can't figure out the POP3 information, and I suspect that
    Yahoo Mail in not POP3. I prefer the text-based experience that I get with
    OE, as opposed to the web-based expereince of Yahoo Mail.

    Is anybody else having trouble the last couple of days opening Yahoo pages?
    Jeff Strickland, Oct 18, 2008
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  2. Jeff Strickland

    gnu / linux Guest

    Yahoo supports POP - big Yahoo hiccup for me earlier this week but
    okay now :)
    gnu / linux, Oct 19, 2008
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  3. How do I name the incoming and outgoing servers? I tried <incoming> and
    <outgoing>, and <in> and <out>, and neither worked.
    I don't know the name of the Yahoo servers.

    Yahoo is still hosed up for me. It had hiccups earlier in the week, but it
    has completely puked now ...
    Jeff Strickland, Oct 19, 2008
  4. Thanks for that. It's not true though.

    I found a Goggle reference that gave me the POP3 and SMTP settings. My Yahoo
    Mail now is delivered directly to my OE mailbox, and a rule reads the
    messages that Yahoo does not already send to the Spam folder for stuff that
    I have decided warant sending to the OE Deleted Items folder.

    Yahoo is webmail, which is precisely the part about it that I do not like.
    OE makes the messages into plain text, and that is what I do like.

    If you are interested, do a Google search on GETTING YAHOO MAIL WITH OUTLOOK

    Like a dumby, I actually searched Yahoo Mail for clues on how to get my mail
    to go to Outlook Express. They give directions on delivering
    mail accounts to OE, but not mail. (In case you are not aware, is also a Yahoo Mail experience, but with a different ISP

    Once I discovered the answer to my question (in the subject line), I can now
    collect several yahoo and verizon mail inboxes all in one place, Outlook
    Express, and do not have to constantly sign in and out of each account to
    check the others.
    Jeff Strickland, Oct 22, 2008
  5. That sounds cool. OE does that already though. I set it to look for new
    messages every <whatever> and in the Properties of each account, I can
    select Include When Checking for New Messages. If there is a new message, OE
    sets an icon on the Tool Tray and sounds a chime (wav file that I can change
    if I wanted to), a sort of You've Got Mail signal.

    The trouble I was having was in getting mail to play well with the
    other toys ...
    Jeff Strickland, Oct 22, 2008
  6. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    So, how did you set it up ?

    Did you change your online Yahoo settings ? :

    Log into your Yahoo Mail account

    Click Options

    Click Pop Access & Forwarding

    etc ?
    - Bobb -, Oct 23, 2008
  7. No changes to Yahoo settings. A problem with that strategy is that the
    forwarded message that results comes in with my own address in the From

    I went into OE and added a new account (Tools>Accounts, select the Mail Tab
    and Add), then followed the wizard. The result of the Google Search I told
    you of earlier gave the POP3 ( and SMTP
    ( -- in- and outbox -- settings, which is the
    specific answer to my original question.

    Now, OE scans my Yahoo Inbox for me. Yahoo also sorts the spam to the degree
    that it can, and OE only finds the results of the messages that get past the
    Yahoo filters. If Yahoo see 50 new messages and 48 are spam, then OE only
    pulls the 2 that remain. That's pretty cool.

    The part I like best is that OE holds the password to each Yahoo account, so
    I don't have to put it in all of the time. I also don't have to sign in, go
    to Yahoo Mail, sign out, then sign in again to change the account I want to
    look at.

    When OE collects the Inboxes, I can set a Message Rule that dumps the
    results into various OE Inboxes so I know which account has new mail.
    Instead of knowing only that there is new mail, I know specifically that
    Account X or Account Y has new mail because the Message Rule sends the
    messages to Inbox X or Inbox Y, respectively.

    One thing that I have to remember to do is to select the desired Sender
    Address when I Create Mail. OE wants to insert a default sender, and this
    does not necessarily match the account I am looking at when I want to
    compose a New Message. If I am looking at Inbox X and click the Create Mail
    button, the default sender (the address associated with Inbox Y, for
    example) gets plugged into the From Line, and the subsequent Reply from the
    recipient will be sent to that account instead of Inbox X.
    Jeff Strickland, Oct 24, 2008
  8. I'm not sure what you are doing -- I'm not sure what I did either ...

    Here's the link and the text of it ...

    POP Yahoo! Mail Plus with Microsoft Outlook Express
    Here's how to "POP" mail from Yahoo! Mail Plus into your Outlook Express:

    1.. From the Tools menu, choose "Accounts."
    2.. Select the "Mail" tab.
    3.. Click the "Add" button.
    4.. From the Add menu, click "Mail."
    5.. In the text box labeled Display Name, type your name and click "Next."
    6.. In the Email Address box, type your Yahoo! Mail address (be sure to
    include "") and click "Next."
    7.. Under "My incoming mail server is a." select "POP3."
    8.. Type "" in the Incoming Mail (POP3, IMAP, or
    HTTP) Server box.
    9.. Type "" in the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
    10.. Click "Next."
    11.. In the Account Name box, type your Yahoo! Mail ID (your email address
    without the "").
    12.. In the Password box, type your Yahoo! Mail password.
    13.. If you want Outlook Express to remember your password, check the
    "Remember password" box.
    14.. Do not check the boxes labeled "Log on using Secure."
    15.. Click "Next."
    16.. Click "Finish."

    I finished at Step 16.


    17.. Select '' under 'Account,' and click
    18.. Click the "Servers" tab.
    19.. Under "Outgoing Mail Server" check the box next to "My server
    requires authentication"
    20.. Click the 'Advanced' tab.
    21.. Under "Outgoing mail Server (SMTP)", check the box next to "This
    server requires a secure connection (SSL). Enter port number "465" in the
    "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" field.
    22.. Under "Incoming mail (POP3)", check the box next to "This server
    requires a secure connection (SSL)". The port number in the "Incoming mail
    (POP3)" field should automatically change from 110 to 995. If it doesn't,
    make sure the port number is set to 995.


    I'm using Outgoing Port 25 and Incoming Port 110. I see the instruction that
    says to change the port to 995, but it also says the port should
    automatically redirect there. I took all of the default settings as I worked
    through the wizard.

    Jeff Strickland, Oct 24, 2008
  9. Now that you ask, I'm not sure that I have Mail Plus, or not.

    I didn't do anything to get it, and I don't pay for it. I do have Verizon
    FiOS (fiber optic), and I get a Verizon logo on my Yahoo! pages, which might
    be a sign of Plus services that I don't use or want (or care about) and
    therefore don't know that I have.

    I get my mail in plain text too, as you do (I also send in plain text) and I
    can see embedded pictures below the message in OE's Preview Mode.
    Jeff Strickland, Oct 26, 2008
  10. Jeff Strickland

    - Bobb - Guest

    yeah, that's why you can OE - nevermind .,1895,1913378,00.asp
    - Bobb -, Oct 26, 2008
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