Getting rid of Global Finder Search Engine

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Boomer, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Lorac said:

    Sorry I can't help with your problem.

    It may take a month until someone can answer you though.

    Please adjust your Clock/Time Zone settings?
    You are posting from the future. One month in the future.

    For Windows :
    1. Double click the time in the lower right corner of the system
    2. In the dialog box that pops up select the *Time Zone* tab.
    3. Use the drop down menu to select the correct entry for "your" TIME
    Check "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes
    4. Also, Check the box marked Daylight Savings Time.
    5. Then click OK to save it.

    ~Further information at the site below.~

    Thank You Very Much :)
    Boomer, Sep 3, 2003
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  2. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Lorac said:
    Hi again

    Just did a quick search.

    Found this about Global-Finder (toward bottom of the page).

    ---> Install, at least, the first three.
    Check for updates weekly and use often. :)

    Ad-aware (Aims at Adware/Spyware.)

    SpybotSD Aims for the dialers, trojans, hijackers and
    security/privacy issues.

    Spyware Blaster

    A-spy For trojans hiding in startup entries.

    Info on above and more.

    ~ Spyware Information ~

    --Unsolicited commercial software list and info--

    --Other software--

    Newsgroup: alt.privacy.spyware

    Boomer, Sep 3, 2003
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  3. Boomer

    Billy Guest

    Hey Boomer,
    Just have to say thanks for being Boomer despite all the crap thrown
    your way.
    Stay strong, most of us appreciate your efforts.
    Billy, Sep 3, 2003
  4. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Billy said:
    Thank you, Billy.

    And thank you for your help too! :)

    Boomer, Sep 3, 2003
  5. Boomer

    bb3 Guest

    bb3, Sep 3, 2003
  6. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    bb3 said:

    Thanks, bb3. :)

    And much thanks for your help too!! :)

    Now back to the regularly scheduled program. ;)
    Boomer, Sep 4, 2003
  7. Boomer

    bb3 Guest

    You're welcome dear.
    bb3, Sep 4, 2003
  8. Boomer

    Bryan Guest

    Most all of us!
    Sod him, Ms B, sod him
    Bryan, Sep 4, 2003
  9. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Bryan said:
    Thank you, sweetie. ;)
    Boomer, Sep 4, 2003
  10. Boomer

    Lorac Guest

    "cwshredder" did the job! The others did not help!
    Lorac, Sep 4, 2003
  11. Boomer

    Bryan Guest

    ;) :)
    Bryan, Sep 4, 2003
  12. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Boomer, Sep 4, 2003
  13. Boomer

    Infidel Guest

    *27 days and counting*
    Infidel, Sep 6, 2003
  14. Boomer

    Lorac Guest

    Some how Global Finder is the only search engine and IE will not let me
    customize any other search engine.

    How do I get IE back to the way it was originally?
    Lorac, Oct 3, 2003
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