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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Fred, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Looks like there are thousands of interesting newsgroups but to my
    disappointment many of those are dead without anyone posting in weeks or
    months and those that are active are littered with spams or posts that are
    not relevant to the respective newsgroups. I've tried perhaps 20 newsgroups
    and perhaps only find one that is on topic - a little time consuming
    perhaps. How do you guys find good active newsgroups with posts that are on
    Fred, Jun 18, 2005
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  2. Several ways, many news readers show you the number of posts on the
    server for each group. Bigger the number, the more active it is. Or you
    can go to Google Groups and search for a subject, see what groups are
    discussing it and how active it is.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Jun 18, 2005
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  3. Fred

    Mike Easter Guest

    What are you looking for? You can use googlegroups search function to
    search for something. Then, when the results of that search produce
    results in some ng, you can access that ng with your newsreader and
    start reading there.

    It is also a good idea to read some scores of posts in a ng before you
    start posting - to get the 'lay of the land' or familiarity with the
    group's posters and 'customs'.
    Mike Easter, Jun 18, 2005
  4. Fred

    dwacon Guest

    check out

    It gets warm when you blow on it

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    Virus Database (VPS): 0524-6, 06/18/2005
    Tested on: 6/18/2005 7:14:24 PM
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    dwacon, Jun 19, 2005
  5. One factor is how well your server filters spam. If it does a good
    job, then that helps the signal-noise ration a lot.

    Looks like yours doesn't.
    Blinky the Shark, Jun 19, 2005
  6. Fred

    Fred Guest

    It varies from week to week. I did find some pretty good groups in
    woodworking, welding, gardening, home improvement, autos, audio, tax, etc.

    I do use Googlegroups and that's how some of the above groups were found.
    Looking for 24hoursupport.helpdesk and found 23hoursupport.helpdesk as well
    and decided to check it out. What was 23hoursupport.helpdesk about? There
    are so many groups, without purpose or topic, just this one. Are groups like
    this removed, say after 6 month, without relevant posts? See, this is what
    I was talking about, getting one good group out of 20.

    You can use googlegroups search function to
    Fred, Jun 19, 2005
  7. It was a lite version of this group, for people who didn't want to pay
    full price.
    That's up the decision makers at the news feed.
    Blinky the Shark, Jun 19, 2005
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