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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by OldGringo38, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. OldGringo38

    OldGringo38 Guest

    OldGringo38, Oct 23, 2010
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  2. OldGringo38

    Mike Yetto Guest

    No. An amount of evidence that would make it unacceptable to
    reject would make it Theory as opposed to hypothesis.

    Mike "that capital T is significant" Yetto
    Mike Yetto, Oct 23, 2010
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  3. OldGringo38

    chuckcar Guest

    You clearly don't know the meaning of *any* of the three. A Hypothesis
    is something that someone *thinks* may be true, A theory is a hypothesis
    proven by mathematics and a law is a theory which has actual
    observations to show it to be a valid in the real world. Whether or not
    it's the actual proper explanation or not.

    Emperical evidence is only required or relevant if no math can back
    something up.
    chuckcar, Oct 23, 2010
  4. OldGringo38

    Mike Yetto Guest

    Go here

    A hypothesis is the starting point of describing an observed
    phenomenon, and the only definition you came close to.

    A Theory is a hypothesis that has been supported by repeated
    testing and has no evidence disputing it. The URL shown
    above states, "One definition of a theory is to say it's an
    accepted hypothesis."

    A Law explains a phenomenon but does not describe it.

    Mike "it was cosmetology you studied, wasn't it?"
    Mike Yetto, Oct 23, 2010
  5. OldGringo38

    chuckcar Guest

    Ok, then what did Einstien *himself* do to make Relativity a theory
    then? He did *absolutely* no observations. One couldn't in 1905.
    Clearly whoever wrote that didn't know pure science, Only things like
    chuckcar, Oct 23, 2010
  6. OldGringo38

    Mike Yetto Guest

    "Dr. Helmenstine has bachelor of arts degrees in physics and
    mathematics with a minor in chemistry from Hastings College in
    Nebraska and a doctorate of philosophy in biomedical sciences
    from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville."

    See also:

    And especially for you:

    Mike "do your cosmetology studies top that?" Yetto
    Mike Yetto, Oct 23, 2010
  7. OldGringo38

    chuckcar Guest

    So he's only got three years university then. Never had to do research
    at all or a scientific paper almost certainly. Chemistry isn't a pure
    science BTW.
    Real top rate universities there...

    And it's cosmology BTW.
    chuckcar, Oct 23, 2010
  8. OldGringo38

    OldGringo38 Guest

    The odds are 10 to 1 <g>
    OldGringo38, Oct 23, 2010
  9. OldGringo38

    Mike Yetto Guest

    Chemistry is not "pure" science? Well you are very close to a
    "pure" idiot. Or rather, anyone found next to you is very close
    to a "pure" idiot.

    "She" and you never followed any of the links I supplied did you?

    What of the other links giving the same definition you claim is
    No cosmology is "a branch of astronomy that deals with the
    origin, structure, and space-time relationships of the universe;
    also :a theory dealing with these matters."

    You know nothing of that or any other scientific discipline.

    Your understanding goes no deeper than cosmetology which is "the
    study and application of beauty treatment. Branches of specialty
    including hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures,
    and electrology."

    Mike "that is my hypothesis" Yetto
    Mike Yetto, Oct 23, 2010
  10. OldGringo38

    chuckcar Guest

    Not in the current context, no. It's no driven by math like Physics and
    engineering are.
    No thank you. I don't need kiddie stuff to tell me about science. I
    *have* a Bsc. Just like the "authority" you referred to.
    Right. Like Einstien's stuff. You know, relevant to the conversation.

    So then you're talking about makeup for some inexplicable reason then?
    Riight. And you know less than that. Otherwise we wouldn't be having
    this stupid argument.
    chuckcar, Oct 24, 2010
  11. OldGringo38

    OldGringo38 Guest

    10 to 1
    OldGringo38, Oct 24, 2010
  12. OldGringo38

    Mike Yetto Guest

    You are willfully stupid, which is orders of magnitude worse than
    proudly ignorant.

    Do you really think the study of chemistry is devoid of math? Do
    you really think math is the sole litmus test of science? It is
    not even the identifying attribute of a "hard" science.
    Are you sure?
    No, the first authority I referred to, the one who was in
    agreement with the others, has a PhD. Do you not know what that
    abbreviation stands for? It is Doctor of Philosophy and hers is
    in biochemistry.

    You are too worthless to argue with, but I thought others might
    benefit from seeing the differences among hypotheses, Theories
    and Laws in a scientific context.

    Mike "you, as always, are beyond hope" Yetto
    Mike Yetto, Oct 24, 2010
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