GetDcList failed with error code: 0x80070057

Discussion in 'MCSA' started by kent42c, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. kent42c

    kent42c Guest

    I did a reinstall of 2k3 & for the following in the event log

    Error w32time

    Time Provider NtpClient: An error occurred during DNS lookup of the manually
    configured peer ',0x1'. NtpClient will try the DNS lookup
    again in 120 minutes. The error was: A socket operation was attempted to an
    unreachable host. (0x80072751)

    I did a w32tm /monitor
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>w32tm /monitor
    GetDcList failed with error code: 0x80070057.
    Exiting with error 0x80070057

    I also get the same error whem I do a w32tm/resync on the client pc's
    I was having DNS & AD prolems on the install before. could this be the
    problem & how to fix It
    kent42c, Jan 23, 2007
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