Get MCSE certfication(without exams)Pay after confirmation

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by vinay, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. vinay

    vinay Guest

    Here i m going to tell you the fastest way to get
    MICROSOFT,CISCO,COMPTIA,ORACLE,SOLAIS certified without efforts......

    friends i have five vue and prometric testing sites here in, i will do the exams on the behalf of the candidates,
    make them pass and charge some extra amount from them.........
    see i need ur some details then i will book ur exam on my testing site,
    make u pass in exam then send scoresheet to using that
    scoresheet u will easily able to check ur exam status online on related
    official secure site.....
    when u will check ur exam status online only then send me payment
    through western union money transfer.......

    what details i need from the candidates :-

    1. candidate full name(that he wants to appear on his scoresheet and
    2. candidate full address(for certificatio delivery)
    3. candidate passport or driving liciense scan copy(as photo id proof)
    4. candidate landline as well as cell number(with country code)
    5. correct exam numbers.......

    so, if anyone is really intrested in this then jsut mail me these
    details then he will be certified within a week....

    rates :-

    any microsoft exam :- 250 usd(including exam fee)
    ccna exam :- 500 usd(including exam fee)
    ccnp each exam :- 600 usd(inlcduing exam fee)

    so.if anyone intrested in this just mail me at
    vinay, Feb 5, 2006
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    Not only illegal, this looks like a good way to get information necessary
    for identity theft.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Feb 6, 2006
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  3. WHAT?????? What the FCUK were you thinking when you started this
    business???? Are you FCUKIN retarded? If you're an MCP you are sure to
    lose your licence. No wonder why I can't get good FCUKING support!!!!
    Every time I call support I get some prick from India that thinks he's (or
    she's) hot sh!t....but they can never get my server working properly without
    having to send the trouble call up 2 or 3 tiers.

    It's A.Z.Z.F.C.U.K.E.R.S. like you that try to beat the system. YOU are the
    reason hard working legitimate professionals in this business can't get a
    decent FCUKING job anymore...because we now have to compete with all the
    lower paid inbeciles that you're FCUKING through our system.

    If anyone else reading this is even THINKING about doing it, before you take
    that first step, think about your carreer. If you get caught cheating
    through this A.Z.Z.F.C.U.K.I.N.G. idiot (or any others for that fact) you
    will be banned from all possible professional Certs....that includes MS,
    CISCO, COMPTIA, ORACLE, SOLARIS, and any other Cert that this guy has been
    cheating people through.

    If you want your Cert, WORK for it!!!!! If you can't get it legitimately
    you don't FCUKING deserve it. Stop FCUKING the rest of us that are taking
    our time to earn a decent living.

    I sure hope this dolt used a legitimate e-mail address...and I sure hope MS
    follows up on these posts.....these FCUKHEADS need to be stopped.
    Robert Williams, Feb 6, 2006
  4. Yes, that is just one more reason not to. I wrote a huge response on this.

    I found that these people can be reported to . Don't
    hesitate to write to this guy, apparently he follows up on all reports sent
    to him.
    Robert Williams, Feb 6, 2006
  5. I forgot to mention, it could also be a ploy by microsoft to pick out the
    cheaters. So if anyone is thinking about following up on that vinay idiot's
    post, just stop right here and go buy yourself an MS Press book and do the
    job right.
    Robert Williams, Feb 6, 2006
  6. vinay

    TBone Guest

    Being as this has been allowed to continue on the same address and past
    complaints to tctips have been ignored, I would say you are on to something

    TBone, Feb 6, 2006
  7. Being as this has been allowed to continue on the same address and past
    Maybe I shouldn't have said anything then. Fewer fools for the rest of us
    to compete against.
    Robert Williams, Feb 6, 2006
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