George's Camera & Video Exchange, Inc. San Diego

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Robert Meyers, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. George's Camera & Video Exchange, Inc. is San Diego proper's largest full
    service discount camera store. Or so they claim.

    Normally I have found this store is more expensive than just about any store
    in the area, and in fact is often cheaper to get film at a Moto Photo, than
    at George's. Still their selection has kept me coming, buying this, or that.

    No more.

    A friend and I periodically put up with the rude, crude and often obnoxious
    behavior in this store. We put up with the high prices (often higher than
    Ritz even. We won't rent there (stated requirement is a deposit equal to the
    rental item).

    I have gotten help, once. I have been sold something on a flat out lie,
    once. That one really made me ticked. But today, in a tight spot, they
    crossed the line.

    Okay. I am in need of a flash for some simple photography tonight. I was
    looking for an Olympus FL-50. Only two stores may stock it, North County
    Camera (a store that has never, never steered me wrong) and the nearby to
    where I was at, George's Camera.

    I arrived around one minute prior to close, however the store was locking
    up. Oh joy. It happens. Now I want to lay down some cash for a $500 flash.

    I ask two employees (one of which is leaving, one is locking up), do you
    have an Olympus FL-50 flash. One says "I have no idea" as he slams the door.
    The other starts hopping around mimicking us as we glance in and says,
    "yeah, we have that in stock." The jumping around shit has finished me with
    the rude, crude and over priced store. Hell, they won't even quote a price
    over the telephone.

    I just figured other people in San Diego should know about the dealings with
    that store. Some things are just stupid, and will end their relationships
    with their clients.

    Well, being I want the 150mm F2 when it comes out, and they were the closest
    one to where I work, I think a $500 sale loss, just became a $4000 sale
    loss. And yes, I do prefer to buy local, even at a premium.

    Their problem. Buyers beware.
    Robert Meyers, Apr 28, 2004
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  2. Robert Meyers

    Ian Stirling Guest

    Worth mailing 'George' IMO.
    Ian Stirling, Apr 28, 2004
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  3. Robert Meyers

    Mark M Guest

    When I bought more film (like Velvia and other refredgerated stuff), they
    were a well-stocked source, though not cheap by any stretch.

    However... I have also found some of their "help" there to be jerks.
    Every time I read one of these stories I feel a little less guilty for
    sending my cash to B&H.

    I would also echo your positive sentiments regarding North County Camera.
    They don't always have tons of high-end lenses, but they are friendly and
    I just bought a pair of Canon IS binolulars from them...
    Mark M, Apr 28, 2004
  4. Robert Meyers

    Gordon Moat Guest

    I have also had some problems with George's Camera, though I have bought
    some lighting gear from them in the past. My suggestion is to try
    Nelson's Photo, in the Little Italy area, on India Street. Nelson's may
    not always have things in stock, but their pricing is nearly B&H
    comparable. The people at Nelson's are also very nice every time I go in
    there, and I have never had any problems.


    Gordon Moat
    A G Studio
    Gordon Moat, Apr 28, 2004
  5. I do shop at Nelson's Camera, in fact I was there today. The problem was
    that they do not stock Olympus. Now it does sound like Olympus is courting
    them. I do like that they will tell you to buy something elsewhere if they
    think they know a better place to buy. I will always buy my used gear and
    oddities (color IR and the like) there.
    Robert Meyers, Apr 28, 2004
  6. Robert Meyers

    Skip M Guest

    That's why I stick to North County Camera. That and I live in
    Seriously, NCC probably has the best customer service of any of the shops in
    this area, I was pretty much ignored at Nelson's the other day, until I made
    myself unavoidable.
    Skip M, Apr 28, 2004
  7. Robert Meyers

    Bud Guest

    Just had a look at their website - Looks like it's been designed by the
    jerks that work there. Buggy, broken links, missing graphics.

    I am not in that area, but still I can understand your point. Buying local
    is one thing, but getting DECENT help is something we all want, even if you
    pay a slight premium for it.

    Bud, Apr 28, 2004
  8. Robert Meyers

    Gordon Moat Guest

    Yeah, they are pushed fairly heavily by Canon in their sales. Of course, Canon
    has huge marketing power compared to all other camera makers (except Sony).
    I think Olympus is more after the consumer market now, and might be more
    inclined to promote products through large chains like Ritz Camera. However,
    the large chain stores are not often likely to carry higher spec products,
    since the bulk of sales go to consumers.

    One thing with the newer digital Olympus E1, is that they are trying to get
    into some professional markets. I would be surprised if they pushed that much
    in San Diego, but who knows what the future will bring.
    Used gear at Nelson's is often on commission. They do charge the lowest
    commission fee in the county, which is just an interesting note I thought I
    would add.


    Gordon Moat
    A G Studio
    Gordon Moat, Apr 28, 2004
  9. Well, just as an aside. I just got back from North County Camera. I now
    have the Fl-50 flash:)
    Robert Meyers, Apr 29, 2004
  10. Robert Meyers

    Skip M Guest

    Skip M, Apr 29, 2004
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