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  1. Writer R5

    Writer R5 Guest

    Dear Newsgroup Members:

    For over four years I have posted links to ths newsgroup to my DVD reviews and
    have received lotsof great feedback, including those who may I have not liked
    my work and in the process their critique has improved my work.

    I am a one-man show by choice. I certainly don't do this for the movie, but the
    links o, who nearly every DVD/media website has links to, but no
    body has to buy anything. The reviews are free and I do the work myself because
    I don't believe that people should work for free or they get free DVD for
    spendng a few hours writing a review. I've done that and t sucs. If I hire
    writers in the future I will pay them. But until that time, I will continue
    doing my site and if you like my work or hate it, I appreciate the time you
    have taken to express yourself.

    The readers are the best teachers. There is no doubt, but people who call
    themselves Buford T. Justice and FAQMeister are trying tell you all what is
    allowed to be posted and what is not selectively targeting websites like "DVD
    Verdict" while ignoring others saying that GENRE ONLINE SPAMS. DVD VERDICT
    SPAMS. Make up your own mind. Don't let these right wing net facists tell you
    what to do. Below is a letter from my server provider and it shows that this
    person is passing off his FAQ as being legitimate, which it is not and if you
    are a reader of my site and you want to see GENRE ONLINE posts in the future
    then please write me at or and
    show your support and als a link to the true charter and FAQ to ths group. In
    the meantime until further notice, I will fight this charge and if I am indeed
    wrongI will graciously stop posts, but my sitewill continue until either I can
    no longer do so for whatever reason or I choose not to. Thank you. Please see

    Subj: RE: Customer Warning - GENREONLINE.NET
    Date: 6/29/04 3:50:00 PM Mountain Standard Time
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    Dear Mr. Rivera,

    Thank you for contacting Go Daddy's Spam and Abuse Department

    Go Daddy defines spam as any communication sent to recipients, as an
    advertisement or otherwise, without first obtaining prior confirmed consent to
    receive these communications from your domain by the recipient. This includes,
    but is not limited to, the following:

    - Email Messages
    - Newsgroup postings
    - Windows system messages
    - Pop-up messages (aka "adware" or "spyware" messages)
    - Instant messages (using AOL, MSN, Yahoo or other instant messenger programs)
    - Online chat room advertisements
    - Guestbook or Website Forum postings

    It appears that the complaints we've received regard newsgroup advertisements
    entitled "FARSCAPE: PEACEKEEPER WAR & MORE @ GENRE ONLINE.NET!" a copy of one
    of these posts submitted to the newsgroup is provided at the end
    of this message.

    Each individual newsgroup has its own set of rules or set of acceptable posting
    practices. Many groups do not permit advertising, promotional, or traffic
    solicitation posts of any kind. Some groups will allow these types of posts
    providing they are specific, or "on topic", to the subject of the group.
    Another common practice that generates complaints is posting the same message
    to multiple groups, also known as "cross posting". Again each group governs
    "cross posting" according to their own policies. The FAQ at appears to prohibit all advertising, on topic or
    not, within this newsgroup.

    Please keep in mind that it is not our intention to cause anyone's business to
    suffer and we do appreciate your cooperating with us on this matter. Because of
    your cooperation and willingness to resolve this issue thus far, your services
    have not been interrupted, but this situation remains unresolved.

    At this point you have two options available to you, each is outlined below:

    ----- Option #1: Provide proof your newsgroup submission is authorized.

    If you can provide proof that your submission to this newsgroup is authorized
    we will consider this matter closed. This proof can be supplied in one of two

    1. Obtain the charter for the newsgroup this particular message was posted to,
    forward a copy of the charter along with a summary pointing out the relevant
    passages that you feel prove your submission is a valid post.

    2. Contact the moderator of the newsgroup this particular message was posted to
    and obtain confirmation, from the moderator, in the form of an email message
    that your submission is a valid post to this newsgroup. Forward a copy of this
    confirmation to along with the moderators email

    Please realize that Go Daddy will contact the moderator on the newsgroup in
    question for verification of the information you provide.

    ----- Option #2: Discontinue all future unauthorized newsgroup practices.

    If you are unable to provide proof your post is valid and wish to close this
    matter you must reply to with the following:

    1. A statement that you (or your employees, affiliates, 3rd party marketers,
    etc.) will no longer make off topic or unauthorized newsgroup posts.

    2. Authorization for to charge a $199 non-refundable administration
    fee to the credit card on file for your account (you may want to log into your
    Go Daddy account and confirm that the card on file is valid and has not

    If you reply with this statement and agree to pay this fee, Go Daddy will
    accept, in good faith, your commitment as proof of your desire to correct this

    Please be aware that Go Daddy will continue to monitor this situation. If after
    you commit to ceasing this activity it is determined that this problem
    persists, your domain name may be immediately redirected and your service
    suspended. We realize additional complaints resulting from the posts you have
    just committed to stop may come in and we will of course consider this, and
    contact you before taking action.


    *PLEASE NOTE: If you do not follow one of the options outlined above your
    domain name may be immediately redirected and your service suspended.


    Here is a copy of the offending newsgroup post:

    You have probably have already seen at least some of them elsewhere online or
    on the newstand, but just in case you have not... I have published 21 shots
    from the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel Original Miniseries Event "Farscape:
    Peacekeeper War" and I have to note that not only does it look great, but it
    almost seems as though no time has past since the series was cancelled over a
    year ago and now. I can't wait to see it. "Farscape: Peacekeeper War" will air
    this fall on Sci-Fi.

    In addition I have some DVD reviews below and a lot more DVD and TV reviews
    coming soon so please stay tuned. Thank you.

    The Chronicles Of Riddick: Pitch Black: Unrated Director's Cut:

    Paycheck: Special Collector's Edition:

    The Dreamers: NC-17 Version:

    To End All Wars:

    The 300 Spartans:

    Please drop by and visit... Thank you.

    The Web Resource For Home Video Entertainment & More!
    Mark A. Rivera



    Spam and Abuse Department

    GENRE ONLINE.NET: The Web Resource For Home Video Entertainment & More
    Mark A. Rivera - Writer/Reviewer/Editor/Webmaster
    Writer R5, Jun 30, 2004
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  2. Mark:

    I always look at your posts for any information that might help me
    decide whether or not to rent or buy certain DVDs. However, some of your
    "reviews" are nothing more than excuses for you to pontificate endlessly
    about your personal accomplishments. Your incoherent 1931 word "review"
    of _Once Upon A Time In The West_ rambles on and on through seven
    tediously-long paragraphs, which I have condensed as follows:

    "I used to work nights... Squeaky-clean morality tales... owner's wife
    was pretty loose... great mythology... I could go on and on with genre
    comparisons... in a pseudo original way... I honestly can't tell which
    film I like better... In graduate school... my Masters degree... new
    knowledge and understanding... academic with Sir Christopher Frayling...
    death of one era... It sounds a bit crazy... primal nature of
    humanity... my grad school days."

    Until, finally!... the 5th and 6th sentences in paragraph 6 actually
    begin to focus on the visual appearance of the DVD:

    "Pristine might be too strong of a word to describe how this film looks,
    but even if it is not, it comes pretty damn close be being pristine. The
    textures and colors are beautifully captured making what I always
    thought of as being a rather monotone film from the days I had the
    laserdisc seem as if I were watching the film in black and white back
    then when I look at and compare it to Paramount Home Entertainment's DVD
    release, which presents "Once Upon A Time In The West" in an anamorphic
    widescreen (2.35:1) aspect ratio preserving the manner in which the film
    was exhibited theatrically as close as possible for home video users."

    Sadly, I was unable to find a review of _Once Upon A Time In The West_.

    Even though you proclaimed your tremendous knowledge and expertise
    (graduate school, Masters degree, new knowledge and understanding etc.)
    I have doubts as to the validity of your claims. The person who wrote
    this gem would have trouble graduating from high school, let alone

    "He reasons that the film says everything pretty much the way he wants
    it and he feels that most of the good ideas come from the interns and
    production assistants so he hands the microphone to them and we get
    nearly two hours of interns and assistants cackling on about the film,
    but they are so excited to be doing it that often the commentary track
    feels like the listener is at a disadvantage because what they share
    seems to be more or less in-jokes amongst themselves and by the end I
    felt that while it is nice of Moore to acknowledge these largely unsung
    heroes, the commentary felt like a waste of time and is in my opinion
    the weakest element on this DVD release."

    As far as I know, this 546-character, 126-word masterpiece from the
    August, 2003 review of _Bowling For Columbine_ is the longest GENRE
    ONLINE sentence on record. But who knows, there may be others that are
    even longer.

    Keep up the good work.
    One-Shot Scot, Jun 30, 2004
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  3. Writer R5

    Writer R5 Guest

    Mark>I have doubts as to the validity of your claims. The person who wrote
    I do have a BA in Film and an MFA in Writing and Literature and I graduated
    High Schol too, but that does not mean I'm going to have perfect grammar or
    spelling though I try to do as wel as I can.

    I mean a person's SAT scores are not the only thing colleges look at when
    considering apllicants, yet some people think that it denotes one intelligence,

    I appreciate your feedback. I'm glad you point out my mistakes, etc. At least
    you are trying to make a point.

    As for whether or not I attended college, etc. I can tell you I went to
    Brooklyn College of the City University of New York and earned my BA from there
    in 1993 and my MFA in 1996. You can verify this on your own if you want.

    Anyway, thank you for the feedback.

    GENRE ONLINE.NET: The Web Resource For Home Video Entertainment & More
    Mark A. Rivera - Writer/Reviewer/Editor/Webmaster
    Writer R5, Jun 30, 2004
  4. (Writer R5) wrote:

    "Don't let these right wing net facists tell you what to do."

    Why do you assume that these people are right wing?
    Neo Maxi Zoom Dweeby, Jun 30, 2004
  5. Writer R5

    Mike Jackson Guest

    Here's a response I sent in your defense to :

    I'm writing in response to the following message posted in the
    newsgroup regarding Mark Rivera's alleged spamming.

    Recently in the newsgroup, someone entered the group and began
    accusing long-time posters of spamming the group with posts that they had
    been making for years. These posts were generally accepted by the group as
    acceptable means of directing readers to their reviews. The posts consisted
    of links to reviews, rather than the entire text, and had no directly
    commercial content. One of these new posters took it upon himself wrote a
    FAQ after the fact to paint these posters as guilty of breaking it. This FAQ
    has no official recognition by the group, and in fact is generally reviled
    as self-serving and having no useful purpose; most people consider the DVD
    FAQ at as the only FAQ worth reading. In fact, this
    document, which predates the FAQ you listed, lists the
    FAQ as the group's FAQ:

    I would encourage you to research this matter by reading the group archives.

    I'd like to address the following points from your email to Mr. Rivera:

    The group was founded sometime around 1995. I've searched the
    net high and low for a charter, and all I can find is the group's
    description, which is one sentence: "Discussion of Digital Video Disk
    hardware and software" (reference the control document at DVD reviews,
    whether links or directly posted to the group, qualify as discussion of DVD
    software. There is nothing in that group description or any extant charter
    that forbids links to reviews. The only thing that forbids the practice is
    an unrecognized, unofficial FAQ. is not a moderated group. Therefore, this is an unreasonable
    request that is impossible to fulfill. Further, as an unmoderated group, it
    stands to reason that any on-topic post would be suitable for posting.

    I would encourage you to consider the validity of these complaints before
    taking action against Mr. Rivera. It is all too easy for those who disagree
    with a post's content to label it as spam, and taking action based on flimsy
    evidence and a FAQ written specifically to prove someone guilty ex post
    facto would be unjust indeed.

    Mike Jackson
    Editor & Web Developer, DVD Verdict

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Writer R5" <>
    Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 06:26

    Mike Jackson, Jun 30, 2004
  6. Writer R5

    Lookingglass Guest

    FIGHT IT!!! I hope you continue to post here on the appropriate newsgroup
    for your service... I DO NOT consider your posts SPAM...I have used your
    reviews to help me decide whether or not to purchase a DVD...

    .... buford t justice or faq meister is the one who is wasting our time...and
    I consider HIS posts SPAM... obviously, he has much too much extra time on
    his hands...


    Dave Chabot
    Lookingglass, Jun 30, 2004
  7. Writer R5

    FAQmeister Guest

    And no one else thinks you're spamming?

    You're upset, but that's no excuse for telling lies.
    That's three lies in one sentence. I am not targeting websites. I am
    targeting spammers. You were not selectively targeted and others weren't
    ignored. Yesterday I posted a list of others who were stopped from
    spamming this group: aka aka

    Up the revolution!
    That's not going to help you. There is no such thing as an illegitimate
    alt group faq so don't waste your appeal on that or on letters from spam
    apologists saying how wonderful your spam is.

    The letter indicates that you have one option:

    "Obtain the charter for the newsgroup this particular message was
    posted to, forward a copy of the charter along with a summary
    pointing out the relevant passages that you feel prove your
    submission is a valid post."

    Do you even know what a newsgroup charter is? I suggest you focus your
    efforts on that. You won't find any language in the charter that
    validates your spam, but it's all you've got.
    Good luck to you. I mean that.
    If you are going to be gracious about it then don't blame your
    misfortune on one individual or "right wing net facists" or claim that
    you were singled out.

    The reason I stopped reporting spammers is because I was unable to stop
    the two who have been the most prolific. It would have been unfair to
    report others when those two were getting away with it. If Genre Online
    stops spamming then there is hope for this group yet and I will resume
    the spamcopping.
    FAQmeister, Jun 30, 2004
  8. Writer R5

    FAQmeister Guest

    One spammer defending another. Yeah, that's the ticket!
    FAQmeister, Jun 30, 2004
  9. Writer R5

    FAQmeister Guest

    He doesn't post reviews. He posts a bunch of links to his site.
    And I consider your posts silly and stupid--so there!
    FAQmeister, Jun 30, 2004
  10. Writer R5

    JWB Guest

    well, I wrote to defend him too, and I'm not a spammer.
    JWB, Jun 30, 2004
  11. Writer R5

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Ditto. Congratulations, "FAQmeister", you've become an official Net Nanny
    (and that's not a compliment).

    Mike Kohary, Jun 30, 2004
  12. Writer R5

    Mike Jackson Guest

    Ditto. Congratulations, "FAQmeister", you've become an official Net Nanny
    He's like one of those really bad British nannies.

    Mike Jackson
    Editor & Web Developer, DVD Verdict
    Mike Jackson, Jun 30, 2004
  13. The self-appointed FAQmeister is a net kook and his FAQ may nor may not be
    legitimate; anyone can create a FAQ. However, your refusal to stop
    spamming this and other newsgroups leaves you open to attack, if only by
    net kooks.
    First you ignore repeated requests to stop spamming and now you claim that
    those opposed to spamming are "right wing net facists. [sic]" Personal
    and juvenile attacks like this will only help remove any pretense of
    legitimacy you might have maintained.

    Please use the Google Groups search feature for phrases like yours (and
    "net nazis" and "anti-commerce radicals".) See who uses them as
    attacks. Please use a dictionary and note what the definition of
    "fascism" says about how "fascists" deal with criticism.
    You are wrong: Since the second post, your link articles have been spam.
    If you post the reviews to this newsgroups, they absolutely, positively
    aren't spam. (You may still receive complaints but they'll be
    Continue the site for as long as you care to. Start an opt-in mailing
    list. Post reviews here.

    But, please don't spam.
    Hamilcar Barca, Jul 1, 2004
  14. Writer R5

    JWB Guest

    see, this is what I don't get. You're saying it's ok to post the review, but
    it's NOT ok to post a link to the very same review? Even though it saves NG


    And don't say "posting a link is spam" - that's a copout. Tell me why it's
    ok to post the review, and not ok to post a link to a dvd review.
    JWB, Jul 1, 2004
  15. Writer R5

    Writer R5 Guest

    Why do you assume that these people are right wing?

    I did not mean it in terms of right wing politics, but rather the truth is that
    a person has taken it upon himself to single GENRE ONLINE.NET and DVD Verdict
    as spammers and went so far as to create a false FAQ to appear legitimate.

    Thisis not a moderated group and the person created a FAQ that was basically
    counterfeit. So it is like he is trying to censor the group because he thinks
    theseposts are spam and violate the group. There is no charter for this ALT.
    newsgroup. In fact that is why it is among the ALT. category.

    So I used right wing because this guy is telling others what I am doing is
    wrong and he is going out of his way on a crusade to appear as if he were some
    elected representative of ths group and he is no more of an elected moderator
    than you or I.

    It reminded me of what the FCC has been doing to Howard Stern. If this guy can
    decide for others what is appropriate and not appropriate for a newsgroup, then
    where does it end? Who is next?

    I am just a guy who reviews DVDs and TV and has website and posts links. You
    could do the same if you chose to. How would you like itif someone out ofthe
    blue began trying to control what you do in this newsgroup? If I've offended
    right wing conservatives, then all I can type is that I should have used better
    words, but be it left, right, or just in the middle, what this guy has done
    under many different e-mails is wrong and dare I type it, "fraudulent."

    GENRE ONLINE.NET: The Web Resource For Home Video Entertainment & More
    Mark A. Rivera - Writer/Reviewer/Editor/Webmaster
    Writer R5, Jul 1, 2004
  16. Writer R5

    JWB Guest

    Keep posting your reviews, Mark. A lot of us here have no problem with what
    you do.
    JWB, Jul 1, 2004
  17. The posts consisted
    and not only is quoting the entire text in the newswsgroup considered
    spamming,by many people, but is also a violation of copyright laws, (unless
    it's your own text)

    while posting only a link to a website of the text is not a violation of
    copyright l;aws.

    Therefore, copying the text of reviews on Amazon or DVD Review (instead ofd
    posting only a link to it) is a violation of copyright laws and is in fact

    while posting only a link to the parts of Amazon or DVD Review is completely
    Waterperson77, Jul 1, 2004
  18. e doesn't post reviews. He posts a bunch of links to his site.
    which is the way it's encouraged to do because:

    1. copying the entire text of a review article into the newsgroup is a
    copyright violation and is illegal. (unless you created the text yourself
    orthe copyright holder has given you permission to do so)

    2. Most of the rest of the world has to pay by the byte for internet acess and
    doesn't want to have to pay a bunch of extra money for a bunch of unnecessary
    quoted text in usenet when only a link will do.
    Waterperson77, Jul 1, 2004
  19. Is it acceptable to post DVD reviews in The newsgroup was
    created to discuss issues related to DVDs: Reviews of DVDs certainly
    qualify under that description. They were accepted in the 1998, when I
    first subscribed.

    I choose not to read any of the reviews in question, but no one has said
    they aren't actual, original reviews. On an unrelated note, I've heard
    other claims, such as bad spelling and poor writing, etc. If those claims
    are true, the posters can expect a certain number of spelling and grammar
    [f]lames. Those issues, if they exist, are irrelevant.
    I don't understand why so many have trouble with a simple, long-standing

    It's spam to post (single-post, cross-post, or multi-post) multiple
    articles with substantially identical content. To stretch an analogy a
    bit too far, assume I posted, in some cookware newsgroup, a series of
    articles whose bodies were each one line



    the next day:

    and so on. Although the links are "unique", the articles would be spam:
    The articles are substantially identical.

    Similarly, if what distinguishes someone's individual articles is a change
    of movie title and part of a URL, the articles are substantially
    Bandwidth arguments are not meaningful. If they were, the logical
    extension of the argument would be that not posting the link spam reduces
    the consumption of bandwidth further.

    Of course, if the posters in question start posting reviews, rather than
    links, some may complain about the use of bandwidth. Would reviews use
    more bandwidth? Certainly.

    Would reviews be spam? Yes, if every reviews was simply "This DVD
    rocks!". I don't have any reason to believe the reviews themselves would
    constitute spam.
    Posting a link may in some cases be stupid, genius, erudite,
    semi-literate, off-topic, commercial, non-commercial, non-profit, a hate
    crime, illegal, or otherwise. Posting a link isn't spam. See above why
    these articles are spam; it's not the links themselves.
    Hamilcar Barca, Jul 1, 2004
  20. You and the DVD Verdict posters are spammers. This is not in question.

    and went so far as to create a false FAQ to appear legitimate.
    Spam is unacceptable in unmoderated groups.
    So it is like he is trying to censor the group
    FAQmeister is a kook, no doubt. The claim that FAQmeister created a
    "counterfeit" FAQ is meaningless. It is either useful or it is not.
    It's quite true that there is no charter for this group. Unforunately, the
    remainder of your claim is also meaningless. It's a alt group because it
    requires no formal procedure, no vote, no nothing. It was created before
    there was enough demand to support a rec group, and was sufficiently
    popular before those groups were created that it continued to be the DVD
    group with the most traffic.
    No, you didn't. You didn't like being reported for spamming, so you
    resorted to name calling.
    Reviews DVDS? Check.
    Reviews TV? Check.
    Has a website? Check.
    Post links? Your link articles are spam.
    Hamilcar Barca, Jul 1, 2004
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