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    Happy Thanksgiving to you all and special congratulations to Paul Morris of
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Jason Sheritt of London, Ontario, Canada. They each
    have won copies of "The Chronicles Of Riddick" on DVD courtesy of Universal
    Studios Home Video and GENRE ONLINE.NET. The "Unrated Director's Cut" DVD is
    one of the best looking sci-fi films on DVD available and for those who want to
    see the sequels, DVD sales of this title will have a great profound effect on
    whether or not we will see a big screen trilogy or not so if you are a fan,
    show you're support and buy "The Chronicles Of Riddick" on DVD now! I mentioned
    this in the last update, but for those might have missed it, I was granted the
    opportunity to interview "The Chronicles Of Riddick" Writer and Director David
    Twohy and you can read my interview at GENRE ONLINE.NET now by clicking on the
    link below.

    About fifteen years ago when I was an undergraduate in film school, I did an
    internship on "The Cosby Show," which at the time was recorded live at Kaufman
    Astoria Studios in Long Island City. I mention this because it was probably one
    of the best internship experience I ever had because unlike other places where
    interns were treated like gophers, Mr. Cosby actually made sure his interns
    learned something so it's my little way to say thank you by mentioning that a
    new DVD set containing the most popular episodes from the classic animated
    series "Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids" is coming to DVD and you can read all
    about it by checking the November 19, 2004, update "On The Mark." Just click on
    the link below, scroll down, and read all about it.

    Finally, I'll be working on a multipart review of Warner Home Video's "Ultimate
    Matrix DVD Collection," which is a ten-disc set so as I did with Fox's "Alien
    Quadrilogy" last year, the review of this impressive set will be published in
    individual parts culminating in one large full review so keep an eye out for
    them as they appear along with other media reviews too. Now here are this
    week's new reviews, which begins with a look at the upcoming SCI FI Channel
    Original Miniseries adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin's "Earthsea" and is
    followed by some new DVD reviews too. Please note that the premiere of the SCI
    FI Channel Original Movie "Anonymous Rex" was pushed back and will now air on
    Saturday, December 4, 2004, at 9PM (ET/PT). Thank you.


    Earthsea: SCI FI Channel Original Miniseries:


    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban: 2-Disc Widescreen Edition:


    Lost In Space: Season Two: Volumes One & Two:

    Traffic: The Miniseries: Director's Cut:

    Spartacus (2004):

    Dazed And Confused & Fast Times At Ridgemont High: Ultimate Party Collection:

    Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    Mark A. Rivera
    The Webresource For Home Video Entertainment & More!
    Writer R5, Nov 24, 2004
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