Genitals blurred cheap. Shadows and wires extra

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Charles Packer, May 11, 2004.

  1. Consider these two versions of the same shot of Pvt. Lynndie England
    giving the "thumbs up" in front of a naked Iraqi prisoner:

    The first I clipped from the NY Times and scanned in. Incidentally,
    there is no credit; this is uncharacteristic of the Times. The second
    is from a Web site that also has the text of what appears to be a
    government report about abuse at the Abu Ghurayb prison (See

    In the second image, the prisoner's genital area has been blurred.
    In the Times version, that area has been cropped out. Whoever did the
    digital editing of the second image to blur the genitals must have
    puzzled, as I was, by the fact that the prisoner's body cast no
    shadow, while that of the soldier did. He resolved the discrepency
    by supplying a shadow! Inspect closely and you will agree. Isn't
    photojournalism cool?

    By the way, I just noticed that in the famous
    prisoner-standing-on-a-box pic, the wires seem to have been drawn on
    the wall, along with those curious twin sets of four vertical lines:
    Charles Packer, May 11, 2004
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  2. Charles Packer

    Neil Barker Guest

    (Paranoia snipped)

    FFS, how much more of this drivel do you intend writing ?

    You are the most paranoid person I've ever known and your constant delusion
    about altered pictures makes you look a laughing stock. Many of your rants
    have been very easily explained, yet still you continue on your quest to
    look perpetually stupid.

    Neil Barker, May 11, 2004
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  3. Charles Packer

    Dave Cohen Guest

    Not to mention there are a whole lot of high level brass who would love to
    expose these as fakes and have the means to ascertain same.
    Dave Cohen
    Dave Cohen, May 11, 2004
  4. Charles Packer

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Reading over you post it is obvious that the URLs have been cut and pasted
    from some other source. There is also a discrepency between the punctuation
    of the first and second paragraph. Between this and the obvious lack of real
    elmail address I must conclude that this is a post faked up by the forces of
    darkness or perhaps some paranoid group with ties to Al Capoda.

    home of The Camera-ist's Manifesto
    The Improved Links Pages are at
    A sample chapter from my novel "Haight-Ashbury" is at
    Tony Spadaro, May 11, 2004
  5. Charles Packer

    Neil Barker Guest

    ROTFL !!!!
    Neil Barker, May 11, 2004
  6. Charles Packer

    Mike Henley Guest

    I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say (well, i am, but i'll
    still say so), but what i am sure of is that i find it really bizarre
    that they actually took pictures of the "abuse".

    I must say that overall, i find it quite benign compared to what
    happens in many Arab countries. They just applied some psychological
    pressure on those guys, in most Arab countries severe physical
    pressure is applied routinely.

    Anyhow, it wouldn't surprise me if this "scandal" was manufactured by
    some dissatisfied people in the military somewhere to get the US out
    of Iraq 'cos you know what, it's not only the Iraqis and bin laden who
    want them out, but a big proportion of the American soldiers who'd
    been there now on extended stay of duty. Many of them left families
    behind that are financially struggling and they just wanna get back
    Mike Henley, May 12, 2004
  7. Charles Packer

    ~ Darrell ~ Guest

    I am never surprised when criminals take videos or photos of their crimes. I
    am equally not surprised that these soldiers photographed their "pay back".
    They failed to understand how much bad would come from these antics. I am
    afraid today is only the beginning of futher escalation.
    ~ Darrell ~, May 12, 2004
  8. Yes, I wondered about that too...but that's a meta-photographic
    There's still the question of the mechanics of these pictures, and
    question, believe it or not, can be discussed independently. However,
    in four followups nobody has tried. Let me make it simple: consider
    this image again (the second of the two Pvt. England pics):

    What would be the recipe for a studio setup with a couple of human
    models and any choice of backdrops, lighting, distances, and camera
    settings so that when the shutter is snapped, the exposure would
    reproduce the brightness levels and shadows of this image?
    Charles Packer, May 12, 2004
  9. Charles Packer

    George Kerby Guest

    Al 'WHO' ?!?
    George Kerby, May 12, 2004
  10. Charles Packer

    Wim Jay Guest

    Ooooooooooooh! Get her! GI Mary Barker talking about rants!
    Wim Jay, Jun 5, 2004
  11. Nice. Followup set.
    John McWilliams, Jun 5, 2004
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