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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by djc, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. djc

    djc Guest

    over the last few years I have setup a handful of wireless networks. Nothing
    enterprise level. More like home and small business setups. I always use MAC
    address filtering and either WEP/WPA/WPA2. In all cases where WPA was used
    it was pre-shared key with TKIP, I believe this is generally referred to as
    WPA 'Personal'?

    anyway, to my point:
    Over time using a handful of different routers/APs and network cards from
    the likes of Dlink, Linksys, motorolla, and intel, I am never 100% pleased.
    There always seems to be some kind of problem. For instance, the only times
    I actually used WEP was when there was no other option or when WPA did not
    work. Why didn't WPA work? I don't know and neither did the manufacturers.
    Just one example.

    I am pretty confident that the configuration settings have always been
    good... its really not rocket science. AND, the problems that are most
    bothersome are intermittent. In otherwords, something is setup, configured,
    and works fine for a while (could be 15 minutes or several hours) and then
    connections are lost! huh? what? Then, after a router/AP reboot it works
    again, but not for long. Or sometimes after a client computer reboot a
    problem goes away only to come back again.

    so what are some common problems/solutions, beyond simple configuration
    mistakes, that you guys have had? Why is it that the $%!& router/AP needs to
    be rebooted so much? Why are connections dropped? how can something be
    working just fine one minute and the next not?

    any input is appreciated. Obviously there is not one specific problem I am
    trying to resolve here. I want to see if other people have the same issues
    with wireless technology in general and begin to uncover why they are
    happening. I am not a wireless expert by any means but I am very comfortable
    with networking technologies in general. When it comes to the air medium,
    I'm lost. I have a feeling thats where most of my problems come from.
    djc, Sep 11, 2006
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