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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by danw, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. danw

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    ot hoping for the moon on a stick nut any comments would be appreciated.

    I am running Windows XP Pro on an Acer laptop with a Centrino processor.
    I am connecting to a WAG54G router/modem/WAP.

    I have had various degrees of success with my connection. The connection
    has been dropping occasionally requiring a reboot of the laptop. I've
    also experienced connection lost with the WAG54G just stopping to

    My current situation is that Windows XP reports that the connection is
    excellent but I am unable to browse the net or oing any addresses. My
    connection just times out.

    When I am epxeriencing this on my home laptop I have brought home my
    work laptop (which has a Linksys PMCIA card) and have managed to get an
    internet connection almost immediately.

    Previously I have tried to stop using Windows to connect to my router. I
    used the Intel ProSet (?) software which connects fine but I couldn't
    figure out how to get it to work when I switched from one user to
    another. My connection would be lost when i switched to another user and
    I was unable to configure the software to run vbecause it complained
    that another user was using it.

    I have new firmware from Linksys and am toying with moving to SP2. Is
    there anything else that I should try doing? Does windows cache any info
    from old connections?

    WRT, to other networks, I have used NetStumbler to scan the area and
    there are a couple of weaker signals nearby but Windows generally won't
    find these.

    ta, Dan.
    danw, Aug 17, 2004
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