Gaming problems with MATROX TripleHead2Go & VISTA Ultimate Edition

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Lionman, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Lionman


    Mar 28, 2009
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    Can anyone here offer gaming tech support for game-related problems I am having using my MATROX TripleHead2Go with Windows VISTA Ultimate Edition, or perhaps recommend other technical or gaming forums where I might find such help?

    My main problem is that although they appear to install correctly, a number of my favourite games such as IL2 1946, ARMA and LOMAC (Lock-On Modern Air Combat) when started up never appear on screen. They have not "hung" either because on running Program Manager both show as running under the "Processes" tab but neither appear under the "Running Applications" tab nor ever appear on screen. I believe these failures may be something to do with a VISTA component called "launch.exe" which seems to fail with some games but this is an educated guess.

    I have tried installing with & without UAC, with & without firewall, in VISTA mode & XP compatibility mode, plus inside Program Files and outside in the root directory. I have also tried installoing every step in XP compatibility mode as an administrator b ut nothing works.

    I know that ARMA does fully support 3 screen play as I once had it running on this rig but don't know why it now won't. IL2 1946 has never run on triple screen however and doesn't show up even in the latest version of SGU, MATROX "Surround Gaming Utility" as a supported game even though ALL previous versions of the IL2 simulators are, so I cannot auto-upgrade its config file.

    Another problem that I have is not knowing how to alter the MATROX default for games that will only open on one screen, to force them onto the central screen, rather than the default left screen.

    I am a mature gamer and silver surfer of 62, on my 8th PC, have been both an IT manager and a tech support person myself back in the day, so I can handle technical explanations & advice. I am working on a recently reformatted HD and with freshly installed OS so this is not related to accumulated sw detritus. Installing IL2 1946 was the very first thng I tried after installing the OS. No joy.

    My rig is state of the art (Intel quad core CPU, 8800 GTX GPU, 4 GB RAM, 2x500 GB HD) so it isn't a hardware limitation issue. For example MS FSX runs superbly well with all detail sliders maxed out, across three screens.

    Frankly VISTA UE has proved a complete nightmare for gaming.

    So I am looking for a knowledgeable gamer or sim aitr combat pilot with VISTA Ultimate Edition and MATROX experience or knowledge.

    So any advice out there folks?
    Lionman, Mar 28, 2009
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  2. Lionman


    Jan 9, 2009
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    Well I bet it's vista....
    Check video driver update.
    Check game update.
    The game website should have "How to" modify the config of the game.
    Check if the game is DX10 compatible.
    Question do you have the Matrox and the 8800 installed at the same time or there the same card. If those card are both PCIe my second guess if hardware conflict.
    technoplume, Sep 9, 2009
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