G.703 to Ethernet Convertion at BTS Level.

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by masam, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. masam

    masam Guest


    I have a problem somthing like this:

    I have to convert E1(G.703) to Fast Ethernet at BTS Level.
    The E1(G.703) comes from MSC's agregression Cisco Router 7609 to BTS
    thorugh Erission media.

    MSC Level: ( Cisco 7906Router) E1 Port -------E1------------BTS E1(4
    wire)-----need convertion to Fast Ethernet (FEthernet) <=>
    Fastethernet LAN.

    I used Patton 2701/I model I,e g.703 to FastEthernet Converter but it
    didn't work.
    I used Loop Model 1510, g.703 to FE converter but this too does't

    PLease let me know what could be the problem.. Is is a comptibility
    issue with E1 iterface of Cisco 7906 Router or anything missing?

    Is there any Media converter which has worked with Cisco E1 or any
    configurations changes required at router end. The router uses OSPF.

    Please help!!!!!!!!

    Samir Ahsan
    Inifnity Access Group
    +91 9906685220, +91 9419011440, +91 9906697411ext 20
    email: ,
    masam, Apr 7, 2007
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