FYI: Using the Orchid box to make the Fritzbox more user friendly

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Brian A, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Brian A

    Brian A Guest

    I am sure some of my comments here will seem like blasphemy, to some,
    but if you've come from the Linksys/Sipura camp, to a Fritzbox, I am
    sure you'll have some agreement.

    Having been used to the very flexible dial plan, of an SPA-3000, I was
    not exactly thrilled by the rather poor provision of the Fritzbox. So
    many people sing the praises of the Fritzbox and, true, it does pack a
    lot of facilities but, from the viewpoint of the person using the
    handset, it isn't very user friendly. Simplicity of the 'Dialling
    Rules' means more hassle at the handset. With the Sipura
    boxes it is possible to set up a dial plan, to mimic a landline phone,
    and far surpass it in the user-friendliness stakes.

    To improve on the operability of the Fritzbox I asked the kind people
    at Orchid to add some more codes to the list on their server.
    It is now possible to set up the Orchid box to replace **7 with a #.
    Thus for speed dials it is now possible to dial
    #00,#01....#99 instead of **700 etc.

    Additionally, as some people may want to use callthrough services, #90
    and #91 can be reserved for speed dialling callthroughs. Using the
    appropriate set up, it is possible to dial, for example,
    to call
    0870234567, via whatever number you have stored under **790. A 4
    second delay is inserted between the dialling of the stored number (in
    **790 or **791) and the dialled number ( in this case 0870234567).

    Should you want to convert 07 to 00447 this is also included.

    There is also a conversion from 00 to 0011 should you want to use it.

    Carriers are set:-
    1 **7 . **7
    2 **790 . **790
    3 **791 . **791
    4 0047 .0047

    # Override T 1 1 1
    #90 #90 T 2 2 2
    #91 #91 T 3 3 3
    07 Translate 07 T 4 4 4

    I am sure that others can think of more improvements that can be made.
    I have made various comments to AVM, hopefully they will take some on
    I didn't mention the hassle of having to dial a # after each number.
    It wouldn't be so bad if this didn't include speed dials ('Quick
    Dials' as AVM call them - hardly at a minimum length of 5 digits!).
    It should be possible to set the length of the speed dial number and
    so make it unnecessary to dial a # after speed dials.

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    Brian A, Aug 12, 2007
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