FYI Is Prepaid Legal Services, Inc... a Pyramid Scheme? Read on to discover The Astounding Mindboggl

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Charles Bronson, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Complete report in beautiful HTMl at link below

    Is this one of those Pyramid Schemes?
    Report #1

    It is truly surprising, just how many people still ask the question; "Is
    this one of those pyramid scams; you know, where a lot of people on the
    bottom work really hard and make a handful of people on the top rich?"
    The answer usually surprises the people that ask it, but here is how we
    like to answer the question: Every single Corporation, School, Church,
    and all federal, state, and local governments, use a time-proven
    hierarchy taught in every business school, and is referred to as a
    "pyramidal structure".
    Take a look at this example of a typical corporate structure!

    Owners and Executive Officers (Highest Paid) Few

    Vice presidents and Upper Level Managers

    On Site Managers and Foremen

    Hourly Workers (Lowest Paid) Many

    At the top of the structure are a few highly paid Owners and
    At the bottom of the structure are the lowest paid masses. Sound

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the pyramidal structure when
    properly applied in business. Pyramids are in fact the oldest and most
    durable man made structures on the planet!
    Wonderful, Strong, Sound, Prudent, and Wise Business Structures
    Like the Fortune 500 Companies!

    In Fact; look at the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill!
    On June 20. 1782, Congress approved the use of a pyramid on U.S.
    Currency because it represents...
    Strength and Endurance

    The pyramids top signifies that there is more work to be done.
    The "All Seeing Eye of God" on top of the pyramid emphasizes the
    importance of putting spiritual values above material things. The
    founding Fathers wanted to illustrate the fact that our strength is
    rooted in God and that our progress is under His watchful eye.
    The words "ANNUIT COEPTIS" encircling the top of the seal mean "GOD HAS
    The Latin words under the pyramid, "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM," mean "a new
    order of things," signifying the freedom of people to exercise self-

    Shouldn’t you be at the top of your own "Business Pyramid"?

    Why are so many people confused? Why do people still ask...
    Is this one of those "Pyramid Schemes?

    Illegal Pyramids, or Ponzi Schemes as they are sometimes called are
    illegal in all 50 states, under both State and Federal Laws. State and
    Federal agencies are constantly on the lookout for groups operating as
    illegal pyramids. When they are discovered they are immediately
    investigated, shut down, and the perpetrators are prosecuted.

    Perhaps the confusion comes from the use of the word "Pyramid".
    The question is... How do Illegal Pyramids differ from Legitimate
    Pyramidal Business Structures?

    Illegal Pyramids look more like this...
    Masses of people investing hundreds and thousands of dollars into a get
    rich quick scheme with no legitimate products or services offered. One
    or two dishonest people taking all of the money... hoping they can get
    out of town before they get caught.
    How does the average person tell the difference between...
    An "Illegal Pyramid Scheme" and a "Legitimate Business Opportunity"

    Here are some common "red flags" to help you know the difference...

    The biggest and most common "red flag" is that there is no real product
    or service offered! It is simply money changing hands under the guise of
    a legitimate cause.

    Most "illegal pyramids" and "ponzi schemes" are very short term. State
    and Federal Regulators shut them down as soon as they are discovered.
    Always check with the Better Business Bureau and The State Attorney
    General’s office for reports and Complaints about any business
    opportunity that you are unsure of.

    Legitimate business opportunities offer value driven products and
    services to customers on a retail and wholesale basis. They discourage
    "frontloading" which is selling an excessive amounts of products that
    you in turn must re-sell to recover your investment and make a profit.

    Most people who mistake legitimate Network Marketing or Multi-level
    Marketing companies with "Illegal Pyramids" are simply misinformed.

    Multi-level Marketing; now more commonly referred to As Network
    Marketing is legal in all 50 states.

    According to the Direct Selling Association, ( Over 10
    million Americans work from their homes, marketing some of the highest
    quality, most unique, value driven products and services in America.

    We are in the midst of a massive shift...
    in the way products and services are delivered to consumers!

    Old Economy Distribution:
    Poor efficiency - - - Higher Prices!

    New Economy Distribution:
    High efficiency - - - Lower Prices!

    This is Network Marketing in today’s "New Economy"...
    Direct – Manufacturer to Consumer distribution.
    Direct – Consumer to Consumer word of mouth advertising.

    Network Marketing in the new economy is the most exciting, efficient,
    fastest growing form of "Free Enterprise" in the world today!

    Contrary to the "Old Paradigm" about "Pyramids" A lot of people on the
    bottom working real hard to make a few people on top rich...

    The top people in Network Marketing know that their success is in direct
    proportion to their ability to help others rise to the top with them!

    Unlike the Corporate structures of today...
    The "Room at the Top" in today’s Network Marketing Opportunities, is

    © 2002, Inc.
    Charles Bronson, Jun 23, 2003
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  2. Charles Bronson

    Boomer Guest


    Thought your ISP would like to know too.
    Boomer, Jun 23, 2003
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  3. Charles Bronson

    Richard Guest

    Well chuckie dear,your comparison of an illegal pyramid scam to that of
    corporate america, just sucks.
    Here's how an illegal scam works:

    x x x x
    xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

    Boss man X seeks out four henchmen. Suckers. Each of his henchmen seek out
    four suckers.
    Each level of henchmen (suckers) sells something.
    Boss man does nothing.
    The lowest level of suckers sells something, then pays a percentage of his
    earnings to his "recruiter".
    Each "recruiter" pays a percentage of his earnings from his sales and from
    his suckers to the boss man.
    That is illegal. In order for it to work, you'd need several million people
    in your scheme.
    Which is why it's illegal.

    Corporate america is legal though because the employees of the corporation
    must actually work for their paycheck. No work, no paycheck.

    Now do your home work. You'll find that prepaid legal is actually listed on
    the new york stock exchange, which means that it is legal, because the "SEC"
    wouldn't allow it if it was illegal.
    And as you say, they'd have been busted years ago if they were illegal.
    Richard, Jun 23, 2003
  4. Charles Bronson

    Scribner Guest

    Prepaid legal. Then you must be - a lawyer. You should have learned
    about Ponze schemes your first year, like I did. And the Federal and
    local laws against such a thing. So you can't be advocating one.
    Scribner, Jun 23, 2003
  5. Charles Bronson

    Jimchip Guest

    You could learn to snip and not repost the spam.
    Jimchip, Jun 23, 2003
  6. Charles Bronson

    Boomer Guest

    I'm surprised to see him again. It's been about a year IIRC.
    Maybe his tv blew up.
    Boomer, Jun 23, 2003
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