FYI: Customer Webchat "EAPHost in Windows Vista and Longhorn" on January 18, 2 PM (PST)

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by kapil [MSFT], Jan 15, 2007.

  1. kapil [MSFT]

    kapil [MSFT] Guest

    January 18, 2007
    2:00 P.M. Pacific Time

    Chat Topic:

    EAPHost in Windows Vista and Longhorn
    Great opportunity for partners and developers to get together with
    with our EAP experts from the Enterprise Networking Group (ENG) to
    understand and ask questions about EAPHost, a Microsoft Windows Networking
    component introduced in Vista, that provides an Extensible Authentication
    Protocol (EAP) infrastructure for the authentication of "supplicant"
    protocol implementations such as 802.1X and Point-to-Point (PPP).

    below are just a few among many such interesting topics that will be
    covered in this web-chat:

    1. What is EAPHost?
    2. Who should use it?
    3. Why use EAPHost?
    4. Developing EAP-methods and EAP-supplicants for EAPHost
    5. 802.1x on EAPHost in Vista
    6. NAP using 802.1x
    7. EAPHost in Vista and Longhorn server
    8. EAPHost resources and troubleshooting

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    kapil [MSFT], Jan 15, 2007
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