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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by F Thomas, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. F Thomas

    F Thomas Guest

    A real skype competitor ?

    I tried the free trial, and the speech quality landline-IP-landline heer
    in France was better than skype's

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    Steve Bass's Tips and Tweaks
    July 19th, 2006
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    July 19th, 2006

    * This week: Quick & Easy Free Internet Calls

    Adios, Skype. I'm using Jajah to make free long-distance calls over
    the Internet using my old-fashioned landline and trusty old phone.
    That's right: no headset or mike, no software, and definitely no
    hassle. And I'm loving it.

    A Quick How-To

    Here's the quick and dirty:

    1. Register with Jajah. It's free and all you do is give them the
    number for any of your landlines and, if you want, your cell phone.
    Get the details here:

    2. Any time you want to make a call, open your browser, go to Jajah's
    home page, and log in. Fill out the "My Friend's Phone Number" section
    and click the aptly named Call button.

    3. Your landline phone rings. Pick it up and you'll hear Jajah
    announce that it's calling your buddy's number, then you're connected.

    4. Talk. If your buddy is registered with Jajah, it's a free call;
    otherwise, it's 2.5 cents per minute in U.S. and Canada. International
    calls are slightly more expensive. Here are the details:

    5. Try it: Before you register, the first 5 minutes are free. Even
    after registering, you can use Jajah without paying: You start off
    with a credit of $3.

    6. There's no contract or fee--just pay for the calls you make.

    7. There's no muss, fuss, or hassle because there's nothing to
    download or install. You don't need a headset, a microphone, or any
    extra equipment.

    8. You can use smart Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Firefox plug-ins to
    call right from those apps.

    Here's the Outlook plug-in:

    And here's one for Firefox:

    Dig This: Maybe you've heard of a "summer halo." How about a "fire
    rainbow" or a "circumhorizon arc"? You need to brush up on your
    science. Here's a site with a gorgeous picture and a good explanation
    [thanks to Steven H.]:

    If you think that's a doctored image, you're wrong. And the Urban
    Legends site provides the proof:

    Why I Love Jajah

    I think this is just the coolest way there is to make long-distance
    calls. About the only disadvantage is that you need access to a PC and
    Web browser to make the call. When I'm traveling, I use my cell phone
    and notebook from, say, the hotel room or a wireless connection at the
    airport. (I know what you're thinking: What about an unlimited calling
    plan for my cell phone? Jajah is perfect for me because I'm so cheap,
    I still pay by the minute.)

    If you want to get fancy (and I know you do), you can schedule calls
    in advance:

    I recently mentioned Jajah to Gavin B., a reader from Toronto. Here's
    what he said: "I'm in Canada (not a complaint, just a fact) and my
    daughter lives in Australia. I can talk to her for 2 1/2 cents US per
    minute--over four hours for $7 US! Astounding! Just last week I was
    paying roughly 10 cents per minute; thirty years ago I paid $7 US per
    minute to call Australia."

    Dig This: Think of a number, any number. Magic Gopher will indirectly
    guess what it is. Unbelievable. [Thanks, Joe D.]

    And if you don't like Magic Gopher's attitude, try the MilaDesign
    version. [Thanks, David B.]

    Don't spoil it for me by explaining how it's done, okay?

    More About VoIP

    I'm probably the last person at PC World to have discovered how to
    make free calls using Jajah. Here are two articles to read for more
    details about Jajah.

    "Jajah Announces Free Telephone Service":

    "Jajah Enables Instant VoIP":

    There are other VoIP options, though. I know you've heard about Skype.
    I've been using it about a year now; read "Tips for Gabbing on the

    For even more on Skype, read Jim Martin's "VoIP Alternatives":

    But did you know that AOL's also got a VoIP service? It does, and Net
    phone maven Aoife McEvoy reviewed it, along with Skype's recent

    Check out PC World's Info Center for more on Internet telephony and
    VoIP in general:

    Dig This: The sand falls. You redirect, fiddle, move, block, and
    modify its consistency. If you spend less than an hour on this site,
    you probably have a big deadline looming.

    BTW, if that doesn't work for you, try this link:

    If you get bored, try the Hell of Sand. The little characters are
    amusing, though they don't seem very happy--neither would you if sand
    kept falling on your head.

    BTW, if you're feeling lame, you can get instructions from Wikipedia:

    Write, Don't Call

    I know you're itching to try Jajah by calling me. No problem. My
    direct line is... Ahahaha, you think I'm crazy? How about calling a
    long-lost relative or maybe your ex-spouse instead. While you're
    blabbing, mention my newsletter and slowly spell out the URL below.
    Better yet, just e-mail them the link--it's a lot quicker:

    Steve Bass writes the "Hassle-Free PC" column in PC World's print
    edition and is the author of "PC Annoyances, 2nd Edition: How to Fix
    the Most Annoying Things About Your Personal Computer," available from

    If he's not on the phone using Jajah, he's checking e-mail. Send him a
    message at:

    * Read Steve Bass's blog at:

    * See Steve Bass's previous columns at:


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    F Thomas, Jul 19, 2006
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  2. At twice the cost of SkypeOut (except that SkypeOut is free to North
    America thru the end of the year) or VoipJet? Such a deal!
    William P.N. Smith, Jul 20, 2006
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  3. F Thomas

    FTR Guest

    I looked for calls from my PC to a landline in Europe when the called
    has not signed up to JaJah : 0,02€ per minute & VAT = 0,022 €/min This
    is the price of SkypeOut.

    calls PC to landline when both sides are subscribers: free

    From their website

    Look first at the info, then criticise

    The interesting aspect are
    1/ that you can call to a standard fixed line for no cost if both sides
    are subscribers
    2/ I have the impression that the voic quality is better. I have a 3 MB
    Adsl line and SkypeOut speech quality is so-so, for instance not for
    calls to an important client.

    FTR, Jul 20, 2006
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