FV318 One to one NAT

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by networkingnewbie, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. networkingnewbie


    Oct 10, 2012
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    Is there a setting on this firewall that you can set a one to one NAT or do you have to do it from the command line. I want to set up a one to one NAT for my Web Server. If so, can someone direct me to some step by step instructions.
    networkingnewbie, Oct 11, 2012
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  2. networkingnewbie


    Oct 27, 2012
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    1 to 1 nat

    That router probably cant do it
    Ive havent dealt wit that one
    I do business tech support for Netgear
    Its probably just older
    you need to set up 1 to 1 nat like so:

    on your WAN set up the main ip - it already is set up since you most likely already have internet on it

    set up a secondary wan ip on there in the wan settings (advanced tab - just put the ip and the subnet - match the subnet of your main wan subnet)

    the secondary ip wont be used until you set up the firewall rules

    for a web server you need inbound rules
    but its good to set up out bound as well

    inbound rule(go to firewall rules tab)
    Service: HTTP
    WAN IP: any
    Destination IP: I might be mixing this up with WAN IP, how ever its the one that has the drop down menu and you select your primary ip or your secondaries if you have them
    LAN Server: your web servers lan ip

    set up the same rule just for https

    now for outbound rules
    service: http
    lan address: your webserver
    nat ip: secondary ip of that wan - its a dropdown menu again
    wan users: any

    Thats it. now all the http traffic coming in to you will get sent to your webserver

    go to support.netgear.com
    get the newest firmware
    install your router with it
    factory default
    manually reconfigure

    Factory defaulting doesnt put the old firmware it reinstalls the current firmware
    also manually reconfigure instead of uploading some config because with firmware changes variables change in the programming the backup config files could be holding on to old variables or messing with new ones and thus might mess up your setup

    I recommend going to get a newer router - business class - prosafe -- like FVS318N or FVS336G or UTM5 or UTM50 or SRX5308

    The best one is SRX5308

    It might be outside your budget.. You will never go wrong with the SRX5308

    Note all these instructions are for the newer devices you might not have any of these options with your FV
    kossboss, Oct 27, 2012
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