Fujifilm f810/e550 firmware update online petition

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Mike Henley, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. Mike Henley

    Mike Henley Guest

    We are a group of fujifilm f810/e550 digital camera owners who would
    like to submit an online petition to fujifilm for a firmware upgrade to
    address a few issues. This has originated on the "Fuji Talk" forum on
    dpreview.com (google fuji talk and it's the first link) and we plan to
    have it up and running within ~2 weeks. I am posting it here for two

    1. Discussion; if you're a fujifilm f810/e550 owner, then we'd like to
    hear your comments and wishes.
    2. Participation; you'll need to join us to make your comments and
    wishes effective.

    Here it is

    "Dear Fujifilm,

    We have purchased F810 and E550 digital cameras. While mostly satisfied
    and generally recommend these models to others, we have a few issues
    we'd like to see corrected, and imagine that most can be addressed
    through a firmware update. These issues are mentioned in the various
    online reviews of the F810 and E550. If fixed, potential customers
    would have less drawbacks to consider in deciding whether to purchase
    one of these cameras. Also, current users would appreciate the added
    functionality and would be more likely to remain loyal to the Fujifilm
    brand. Firmware updates are, to our understanding, a common practice in
    the industry.

    1. It is difficult to use the LCD in low light situations. We would
    like to have the LCD gain up in low light situations like other
    cameras do.

    2. We would like to have menu options for adjusting contrast,
    saturation, and compression in JPEG images. With regard to compression
    in JPEG images, we would like to at least see the addition of a 6mp
    Fine mode, or better even, we would prefer to have two separate menus,
    one for choosing reslution (12mp, 6mp, and so on), and the other for
    choosing JPEG compression (Fine, Normal, and so on

    3. Since we often switch between RAW and JPEG mode it would be
    useful to have the RAW option moved to the 'F' menu.

    4. Shutter speed longer than 3 seconds to make the camera more
    capable of shooting in low light situations.

    Thank you for addressiing our requests and creating exceptional

    Signed: "
    Mike Henley, Dec 24, 2004
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  2. Mike Henley

    Amamba Guest

    I agree with #2.

    I actually tend to use viewfinder more often than LCD but #1 sounds

    I would also like to add an option to not underexpose in full auto,
    since sometimes I don't have time to post process.
    Amamba, Dec 31, 2004
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