FTTC Availability - you're 'avin' a laff !!!!!

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. The FTTC availability date for our nearest cabinet was originally 31st
    December 2012 and they kept putting it back in 3 or 6 monthly chunks,
    the last date we had being 31st September 2015. So I thought it was
    approaching the time to recheck it on
    http://www.dslchecker.bt.com/adsl/ADSLChecker.TelephoneNumberOutput .
    Guess what? It's now 31st March 2017 yes that's right 2017. That's
    the biggest leap so far. I guess I'd better resign myself to never
    bettering my 7.5 Mbps download speed here in my life time. :( And to
    think my local exchange have been supplying FTTC to some customers since
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop, Sep 1, 2015
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  2. Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop

    NY Guest

    At least you get a good ADSL speed. We're looking to move house and we
    always check the broadband speed of any prospective new house using the
    check on Rightmove and the one on Samknows. I've seen several houses which
    have about 1 Mbps ADSL but swear blind that you can get 50-70 Mbps on FTTC,
    which is promises is available. If we get to the stage of wanting to put in
    an offer, I'll make sure with BT Openreach and or with my present ISP that
    FTTC really *is* available at the house.

    I'll also check with
    http://www.dslchecker.bt.com/adsl/ADSLChecker.TelephoneNumberOutput - not
    seen that one before.
    NY, Sep 1, 2015
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  3. This date was abolished by Gaius Julius Caesar in 46BC. maybe in another two millennia there might be one...

    Any cable in your area?
    R. Mark Clayton, Sep 1, 2015
  4. Perhaps I was being a little bit facetious quoting the 31st, it
    obviosly was the 30th but I inadvertantly typed an impossible date as I
    had already been brainwashed by Openreach into believing that it was
    never going to arrive. As some say 'tomorrow never comes!!! ' ;)
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on netbook, Sep 1, 2015
  5. Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop

    Bob Henson Guest

    These days, tomorrow is not the only thing :) Anyhow, after a long wait
    and many missed deadlines similar to yours, fibre finally made it to
    Tetbury, and I went up to about 37.5 Mbps a few days back - so maybe it
    will reach you in the end.

    Long time no chat - hope all is well?

    Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England

    Barbecue - Food prepared alfresco on a grill in the belief that
    salmonella-infected meat cooked in sweat and dead flies is appetising.
    Bob Henson, Sep 1, 2015
  6. Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop

    7 Guest

    Break up Bhtee and chop it up into little bits.
    Many countries now rolling out gigabit services for under USD100.

    A 16mbit fiber optic transciever costs about $15 these days.
    Enough to feed 30 homes with 100mbit symmetric DSL
    without metering for about $100 per home.

    At these prices, most of that cost can be recovered in months if residential
    area, and in two three years if in rural area.

    Its the fsckies in Bhtee who take tax payer money for R&D and so called
    roll outs which they eat while competitors deliver the goods to customers
    for under $50 per month in most countries.

    The problem is the management trolls in bhtee.
    They don't know how to pull their finger out and replace old systems
    with FPGA to do all the routing and switching that reduces exchanges
    to desk top sized units.
    7, Sep 1, 2015
  7. Sounds familiar. You in Cambs?
    I thought I could put up with ADSL for a few months, as FTTC was
    promised for the end of the year. I was pleased to find that out here in
    the sticks I get 5.5mbit.

    And less please to find later that the end of 2014 has morphed into at
    least 2016 and maybe 2017. Can't they just say "no forecast"?

    Vir Campestris, Sep 1, 2015
  8. They tried that with electric and look at the mess!
    R. Mark Clayton, Sep 1, 2015
  9. Close!!! About 160 miles awauy though! :) Perhaps it's a general
    thing they ar doing. The really maddening thing is that if you enter
    the telephone number of my local paper shop, which is just a 5 minute
    moderate walk away and a property built about the same time as mine you
    find that they have had FTTC fo several years now. :(
    I shouldn't believe that 2017 will be the final one though. :(I
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop, Sep 2, 2015
  10. Oh yeas there's been Virgin cables here for quite some time and there
    are also properties abourt 5 minutes walk away that have had the BT FTTC
    for a couple of years now. They are connected to the same local
    exchange as I am.
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop, Sep 2, 2015
  11. Trouble there is that I probably won't last long enough to be around
    when it does arrive.
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop, Sep 2, 2015
  12. Get in the queue behind me, it must be my turn next! :)
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop, Sep 2, 2015
  13. Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop

    Bob Henson Guest

    Ah well - look on the bright side, that also means you'll never have to
    upgrade to Windows 10.

    Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England

    Obsolete : The computer you have.
    State of the Art : The computer you can't afford.
    Bob Henson, Sep 2, 2015
  14. Yes! I suppose there's always a brighter side if you have the tenacity
    to seek it out! :)
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop, Sep 2, 2015
  15. You could try to strike a deal with next door and use wireless. Make
    them an offer and see what they say.

    Roderick Stewart, Sep 2, 2015
  16. If I set my mobile 'phone up as a wifi hotspot I can get d/l speeds
    around 20 Mbps and u/l of more than 10 Mbps since we have EE 4G here.
    Trouble is that works out to be pretty expensive and EE broadband would
    be no better than Plusnet since they are both tethered to the same
    Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop, Sep 2, 2015
  17. R. Mark Clayton, Sep 2, 2015
  18. Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop

    Phil W Lee Guest

    As I understand it, the date slips happen when it is planned, but runs
    into a problem.
    I know of one place which got derailed by a "ransom strip" alongside
    the road, between it and the cabinet. A site visit assumed that the
    fibre cabinet could go next to the original, but then they discovered
    the proposed site infringed on the ransom strip, and there's no
    obvious alternative position for the fibre cabinet.
    I can't see that one getting resolved without something like a
    compulsory purchase order, if they can get one for a fibre cabinet.

    In that instance, the first plan had a date, then they discovered that
    the owner of the ransom strip wouldn't let them, and thought they'd be
    able to just move it a bit, so it was delayed to allow a new plan,
    then they found there wasn't anywhere to move it to.
    I'm guessing that a lot of those types of problem won't be resolved
    unless they manage to create a new range of combi-cabinets, to replace
    the existing ones while being just big enough to house both the
    original frame and the new FTTC equipment.

    Then there are the ones where there is an electrical supply which is
    expected to be available, but proves to be unsuitable for some reason.
    Sometimes it's just a matter of revisiting the site to identify an
    alternative, but sometimes there just isn't one.

    I think their database only allows dates to be shifted, not returned
    to "not planned" or "under investigation", so that's just bad software
    design, and could easily be fixed so it wasn't misleading.
    Phil W Lee, Sep 3, 2015
  19. Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop

    Phil W Lee Guest

    Go shares with your neighbour on an unlimited ISP at the fastest
    possible speed and share it by drilling a hole through and running an
    ethernet cable.
    Just watch out for the low cost ISPs that have insufficient upstream
    bandwidth, and slow down badly at peak times.
    Phil W Lee, Sep 3, 2015
  20. Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°15 + on desktop

    Phil W Lee Guest

    Sneak over and swap cables with them :)
    Phil W Lee, Sep 3, 2015
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