Fry's Internet Price Matching on Camera Batteries

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by sms88, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. sms88

    sms88 Guest

    I needed some digital camera batteries and could not wait for delivery
    from Amazon or some other vendor, so I decided to try to use Fry's
    Internet price matching (they have a big banner hanging on the front of
    their Sunnyvale, CA store touting this). Li-Ion camera batteries are an
    item with enormous mark-ups and huge price differences between on-line
    stores and brick and mortar stores.

    I entered the store with low expectations, and some printouts from
    Amazon and Adorama.

    Well the bottom line is that Fry's will honor their policy, but it's a
    time-consuming process. If the Internet price is more than 5% cheaper
    (and who would bother for just 5%) then a store manager needs to approve
    the price match. If there's no store manager available, you have to buy
    the item at full price then go to the returns desk where they are able
    to credit the difference back to your account without a store manager
    present. For Li-Ion batteries, Fry's typically charges at least 100%
    more than Amazon or Adorama for a name-brand after-market battery.

    I bought one Lenmar LIC511 (Canon BP511). Adorama has it for $10.95 with
    free shipping <>. It's $27.99 at
    Fry's <>. So Fry's charges 173% more
    than Adorama. Not the greatest BP511 after-market battery in terms of
    capacity, but it's okay (1500mAh versus a claimed 2000mAH on some others).

    I bought one Bower XPDC5L (Canon NB5L). Amazon has it for $6.77. Fry's
    price is $12.99, only 92% more than Amazon.

    They will price match only with "reputable" sellers. Amazon and Adorama
    are two, I suspect that B&H, Newegg, and are also on the list.
    It only applies to items actually supplied by these companies, not other
    companies that sell through them. They take into account shipping
    charges, but all the items I bought had free shipping.

    I imagine that if too many people asked for price matches that they'd
    have to discontinue the policy since it requires so many resources in
    terms of personnel.
    sms88, Jun 4, 2012
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