Frontpage Extension Problem

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Guest, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Guest

    LnkWizard Guest

    I could repeat what our 'nix guy says................

    "Unix is a totally secure OS"

    Lnkwizard2 MCNGP 2^5
    "He who does not test himself is worthless indeed"
    LnkWizard, Apr 17, 2006
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  2. Guest

    Neil Guest

    that's like saying "Windows is stable"
    Neil, Apr 17, 2006
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good Morning to all,
    i see that you speak about my technicians problem in past days....
    I think that my problem is a real configuring frontpage problem and not a
    simple "bla bla bla" as you describe.
    But if the newsgroup not be able to resolve my problem i think that it's
    better to go to coltivate..
    Best regards
    Guest, Apr 18, 2006
  4. Guest

    MitchS Guest

    Both are exactly as described if you remember to apply the patch,
    MitchS, Apr 18, 2006
  5. Guest

    Frisbee® Guest

    Hi, Andrea!

    R U Hawt?
    Frisbee®, Apr 18, 2006
  6. **Frisbee®'s** the one who fcukin said it
    I think that question has already been raised. She's nawt hawt.
    Bigus Di©kus, Apr 18, 2006
  7. Guest

    JaR Guest

    And so we come full circle.

    I wonder what it means when one "coltivates"?
    JaR, Apr 18, 2006
  8. Guest

    Frisbee® Guest

    She's a witch! She turned me into a horse!

    (I got better).
    Frisbee®, Apr 18, 2006
  9. Guest

    Kline Sphere Guest

    do you guys not get Good Friday off? I mean I can understand you not
    me too, I just love it over here!!! Well that's not quite true, but
    still, a few days of golf plus a day's fishing in the English channel,
    all while you schmucks have to work ha,ha,ha or rather sob,sob,sob

    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    Kline Sphere, Apr 18, 2006
  10. Guest

    Kline Sphere Guest

    Man, you really need to layoff the caffeine.

    yeah, snort coke instead.

    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    Kline Sphere, Apr 18, 2006
  11. Guest

    CatOFMaggie Guest

    Oh wonderful, another MCNGP newbie. Young man, I wonder how long you will
    Meow, Meow, Meeeooow!

    Cat Of Maggie
    (Feline Anti-MCNGP)

    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    CatOFMaggie, Apr 18, 2006
  12. Guest

    Neil Guest

    Neil, Apr 18, 2006
  13. **Kline Sphere's** the one who fcukin said it
    Tried that once.......


    .....nearly drowned
    Bigus Di©kus, Apr 19, 2006
  14. **'s** the one who fcukin said it
    Bow wow wow yippie oh yippie ay.....
    Bigus Di©kus, Apr 19, 2006
  15. Guest

    Neil Guest

    Neil, Apr 20, 2006
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello Andrea,

    I am amazed at the pre-pubescent nature of the posts I see here today. I am
    further surprised that MS has not deleted these posts. In order to control
    this rampant testosterone problem, I have re-posted your question on in order to control the panzies that post things I cannot
    delete in this particular forum.

    I can control them here, where I have reposted your question at the
    following link...

    Please create a user id and my group will be more than happy to help you.

    P.S. I will not be returning to this site as a contributor until I know that
    these comments have been removed.
    Guest, May 12, 2007
  17. Guest

    catwalker63 Guest

    Geoff Hughes piffled away vaguely:

    MCNGP #43
    "I have a gun. It's loaded. Shut up."
    catwalker63, May 12, 2007
  18. Guest

    Frisbee® Guest

    Huh? You mean this isn't a site?

    Or was he wrong about your testosterone levels?
    Frisbee®, May 12, 2007
  19. Guest

    Thor Guest

    haha very funny, 10 points for creativity and minus several thousand for
    total lack of style and humor
    Thor, May 12, 2007
  20. Guest

    catwalker63 Guest

    Frisbee® piffled away vaguely:
    No, he's replying to a post that's over a year old. And why didn't
    anyone tell me Maggie came back for a second?

    MCNGP #43
    "I have a gun. It's loaded. Shut up."
    catwalker63, May 12, 2007
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