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Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Guest, Nov 2, 2003.

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    A florida based company called netwin is now offering
    MOUS certs for FrontPage 2000. See below. This is the
    first time I have ever heard of it. I can find nothing
    on this cert on the microsoft websites. Can anyone say
    for sure if this is legit?

    BTW I popped this question to the FP group and was
    greeted with stunned silence.
    Guest, Nov 2, 2003
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  2. They are selling study materials for the Microsoft MOUS exams. They state at
    the bottom that the exams are actually offered through Microsoft. They
    cannot offer certs, just training materials. They have a link to Mathew
    Lesko's "Get free stuff" web site at the bottom of the page. Ha, ha.

    I passed the FrontPage 98 exam (70-055) a few years ago but it has since
    been retired long ago. I could find no current FrontPage exams available for
    MOUS or MOS on Microsoft's traincert web site.

    I wouldn't buy anything from these guys without a proper referral from one
    of there existing customers or a free sample. There is better training
    materials out there - like books.

    Good luck,
    Davin Mickelson
    Davin Mickelson, Nov 5, 2003
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