FritzBox Fon 7140 problem with modems

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Mark Ingle, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Mark Ingle

    Mark Ingle Guest

    About a month ago I bought a FritzBox 7140 and retired my Vonage
    service. The box is great and has so many features.

    I also have a TiVo which is connected to the BT phone line, and makes
    daily calls to download data.

    Yesterday I noticed that the TiVo hadn't dialed up for quite some time
    as the tv guide data had run out. I tried doing a test call which failed
    on the dialing phase. I then disconnected the phone jack from the
    FritzBox (not the ADSL one, just the voice BT plug), and the TiVo
    connected fine.

    I re-plugged in the phone jack to the FritzBox, and plugged a normal
    phone in the jack that the TiVo normally uses, and it seemed to work
    fine for voice calls as I tried dialing numbers. However, for some
    reason it seems to interfere with data calls.

    With a long telephone extension cable, I tried connecting the TiVo
    directly to one of the FritzBox Fon POTS ports, and much to my surprise
    it worked!

    Any ideas? If I have to, I'll leave the wiring this way as it is
    preferable to having two sets of DECT phones, which I had to have when I
    had the Vonage box, but it's not ideal as the TiVo is some distance from
    the FritzBox.
    Mark Ingle, Mar 15, 2008
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  2. Mark Ingle

    Graham. Guest

    The first question that comes to mind, is the BT extension that goes to the
    What outgoing provider(s) are you using on the FritzBox? as the data
    calls seem to work via VoIP, (always a present surprise when that happens)
    I would be inclined to neaten things up and gain the cost savings,
    assuming the TiVo makes chargeable calls.
    Graham., Mar 17, 2008
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  3. If you feel you are up to it technically why not convert your TiVO with
    a Network Card and Digital Cache? There are hardware kits from some
    people called Silicon Dust. There is ample assistance and software
    available in the various TiVo Forums. You will need an old PC which you
    can boot up in Linux to initially install the networking software. Not
    difficult but you need to be technically competent.

    Our two TiVos are connected to our in house network and simply make
    their daily call direct to the TiVo computers through our Broadband
    connection. No telephones or modems required. Very quick too.
    Richard Anderton, Mar 17, 2008
  4. Mark Ingle

    Mark Ingle Guest

    Thanks for your message.

    My TiVo has got a network card which I have had for years (not one with
    a cache, I think it's just called TurboNet) but have had no success in
    getting to work in the long term.

    Rather offtopic for this ng, but anyway.... it's rather a long story,
    I'm afraid!

    The first attempt failed in getting the network bit to work.

    Some months later, a friend who was so impressed with my TiVo got one
    himself and his came with a working TurboNet so I bought a new hard
    drive and did a clone which worked perfectly. The only thing which I
    didn't pick up initially was that his TiVo was running 2.5.5a, and so
    although the setup initially worked fine; it was downloading guide data
    over the network and I could use TiVoWeb, the TiVo then wanted to
    'update' the system, which mucked everything up, and eventually it ran
    out of guide data. I had kept the previous drive so swapped that back.

    Then someone in the TiVo forums suggested that I phone TiVo and get them
    to phone customer services and tell them that I had the Teletext bug and
    'upgrade' my system to 2.5.5a. Anyway, a couple of days later my TiVo
    crashed in a bad way with GSOD. I thought this had happened in the
    process of updating to 2.5.5a so I re-imaged my friend's TiVo drive and
    then it worked but I had exactly the same problem as I did the last

    I checked with TiVo customer services who confirmed the request for the
    2.5.5a upgrade had 'been sent to America', but for some reason it never
    got actioned. In fact, the Tivo is still running the plain 2.5.5

    As you can imagine, at this time I was thoroughly fed up with the whole
    thing, and in fact I built an old computer and ran MythTV on it for a
    while, but for various reasons I then decided to go back to the TiVo,
    and someone on the forums let me download a fresh 2.5.5 image, which has
    worked fine ever since, but after all that time and money wasted, I
    think I'll just stick to something that works!

    In actual fact the TiVos are pretty cheap on eBay now so I might treat
    myself to another one which comes with the stuff I need!
    Mark Ingle, Mar 18, 2008
  5. Better not go on here as it is rather OT. We have not had these problems
    so perhaps we are lucky. The two machines each have two enormous disks
    and all works fine. I have load balancing software which minimises
    clashes. I can control the machines from anywhere in the world by
    logging into my firewall and I can lie in bed and switch programs using
    the web browser in my PDA. They beat the hell out of any other recorders
    although a lot is down to the superb way in which TiVo index the
    Richard Anderton, Mar 18, 2008
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