FreePBX + SPA 3102 Problems

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Dave, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Fixed this issue - easy really, on the 3102 under the PSTN Line tab, remove
    the display name (clear it) under Subscriber Information, callerID now shows
    properly as apposed to showing the trunk display name.

    Dave, Nov 2, 2013
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  2. Dave

    Dave Guest


    Bit to quick off the mark, the CID is showing the first 8 digits not the
    full CID, but the full CID is there when I hang up the call as before with
    the display/trunk name...

    Anyone know how to fix this ?
    Dave, Nov 2, 2013
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  3. Dave

    Graham. Guest

    Not sure. Is it a limitation of your handset?

    The number is not so important if the callers name is displayed as
    well. The Freepbx modules CID Lookup Sources & Asterisk Phonebook work
    together to display the name if it's in the phone book, and the
    CID Superfechta module can do multiple database dips including
    saynoto0870. It also has a "UKPhoneinfo UK" lookup source that will at
    least display the nearest large town or city based on the STD code, I
    *did* get that working a few weeks ago but it doesn't want to play now
    for some reason.

    The Americans and Canadians have this CNAM reverse phonebook, I don't
    know how complete the data is, but it would be great if we had
    something like it freely available for the UK.
    Graham., Nov 2, 2013
  4. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I think the phone maybe getting confused, because when I go to save the
    number in it's directory the phone tries to put the displayed short number
    as the name in the directory then the number as normal. I think therefore,
    the phone maybe truncating the first (CNAM?) part. At least now the first 8
    digits are displayed rather than the trunk name. Thinking about it the phone
    can save names up to 8 digits so I'm sure that's why it's getting truncated.
    Obviously the phone on the BT line displays long numbers fine.

    On this issue do you know of dect phone that can display long CNAM's ?
    (16 digits?) and has recordable ringtones (wav/mp3) some of the Siemens
    Gigasets do but can be pricey, I've seen the SL785

    I've looked briefly into the CID Superfechta but couldn't really make it
    out !? I've nothing in the Asterisk phonebook so neither are messy up the
    CNAM/CID - I think... It would be very useful to have a lookup for the UK as
    the yanks do, most USA numbers I've Googled have found their FULL details so
    I would assume it is mostly complete over there.

    I've also found this link to the space and minus issue in some UK numbers -
    you may have found your own way around it of course.

    Dave, Nov 2, 2013
  5. Dave

    Graham. Guest

    Since I changed my line rental from BT to Primus Saver, the hyphens
    have disappeared except, oddly, from one number.

    Sorry, my DECT phones are Tesco Value. I have a wired POTS pots with a
    big display badged BT Featureline phone MKII that I quite like.

    Just tried a long name in Asterisk's phonebook and the Featureline
    phone displays the first 20 characters with no rotation or split
    Any additional characters are ignored.
    Graham., Nov 2, 2013
  6. Dave

    Dave Guest

    That's interesting that with Primus you don't get the hyphens ?, I've just
    signed up with BT again for a year's 'Line rental saver' I was thinking
    about Primus but owing to the negative comments I changed my mind !

    Does your Tesco Dect phone have a one or two line display ? if it has only
    one line does it display the CNAM or CID on it ?
    I think my phone is doing the correct thing it's being told to but the
    display is truncating it as mentioned before, there must be a way to tell
    FreePBX not to send out CNAM with the CID data. I'll try out the work around
    from the link I posted and see how that goes. As I see it this is the
    biggest issue, because none of the other features will work properly with it
    messed up - the phone directory, inbound routes etc.

    Dave, Nov 3, 2013
  7. Dave

    Graham. Guest

    Tesco DECT is single line and alternates the number and name. If the
    name is longer than 12 characters it splits that too so Home Landline

    Home Landlin
    Home Landlin


    As for Primus, all I can say is I have started a thread in uk.telecom
    title: Probably going to regret this..."
    Graham., Nov 3, 2013
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