Free Shipping for All the Best Quality Electronics Prodcuts With theCheapest Price

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by sheila.cannell, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Hi friends,

    Welcome to shopping on our website! Free shipping.
    In order to celebrate our company's thrid years anniversary and the
    successful updating of our website, we have speical presents for
    buyers From February 12-30!

    Free Apple MP3 for All Deals.
    For Deals Over $200, an Extra 10% discount for You!

    20GB Apple MP3 for any buyers; View 20GB(Black or white)
    30GB Apple MP3 for who purchase over $1000; View 30GB(Black or white)
    40GB Apple MP3 for who purchase over $2000; View 40GB(Black or white)
    60GB Apple MP3 for who purchase over $3000; View 60GB(Black or white)
    80GB Apple MP3 for who purchase over $5000; View 80GB(Black or white)

    We are a large wholesaler mainly selling electrical product,

    We buy exclusively from Chinese manufacturers who produce Digital
    Cameras,DJ Equipment, Electric guitars, Game console, GPS, Laptops,
    Mobile Phone, Motorcycles, Mp3, Mp4, Road Bikes, TVs & HDTVs.

    The quality of our products is the best, our service is perfect, and
    our price is the best, the speed of our shipping is very fast.

    We have our own warehouse and stores, we have clients all over the
    world, and we have been received very high praise from our customers.

    If you have some suggestions about our products or our service, please
    tell us, and we must accept and improve, and appreciate you very much.
    We hope we can cooperate happily in the long term.

    Our belief: Credit is the first, customers are our God.

    7*24 hour On-line service:
    MSN : E-made-china[at]

    Website Homepage:
    sheila.cannell, Feb 26, 2008
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