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    Free Seminar on Sunday June 20, 2010 at 12:00 PM in Lahore
    Sun Microsystems’ Java unique architecture enables programmers to
    develop platform independent, object-oriented, scalable, n-tier
    applications. In this course you gain extensive experience with Java
    Standard Edition (Java SE) and its object-oriented features to develop
    robust enterprise applications. You also learn how to use key
    components of the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), including
    Servlets & JSP technologies and Struts Framework to create dynamic
    data-driven Web applications.

    After this course student will be able to:
    • To develop an understanding of over Java Platform including J2SE
    • To apply object-oriented concepts like encapsulation, abstraction,
    inheritance, polymorphism and composition in Java applications
    • To build robust, secure distributed applications using advanced Java
    • To exploit advance language features including interfaces,
    collections, exceptions and multithread application development
    • To build multi-tier, robust and scalable data-driven web
    applications using J2EE
    • To integrate Java Beans Custom Tags in JSP to minimize scriptlet
    • To build robust, secure distributed applications using advanced Java
    • To develop flexible data-aware applications using Java Database
    Connectivity (JDBC)
    • To implement Web Tier J2EE patterns such as MVC, DAO Business
    • To develop web application using famous Struts Framework
    • Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    Course Schedule & Duration
    30th Batch in Lahore
    Duration 3 Months
    Frequency 2 Sessions a week
    Start Date June 26, 2010

    • Introduction to Java Platform
    • Fundamentals of Java Programming
    • Object Oriented Programming-1
    • Object Oriented Programming-2
    • Regular Expression & Collection Framework
    • Exceptions + Jar & Javadoc Utilility
    • Handling Input & output in Java(I/O Streams)
    • Implementing Multithreading Applications
    • Database Programming using JDBC
    • Essentials of Java EE Web Application
    • Setting up Java EE Web Application
    • Understanding the Servlet Model
    • Developing Java Server pages(JSPs)
    • Managing Sessions & Application Context
    • Integrating Web Application with Databases
    • Structs Framework
    • Java Server Faces (JSF)
    • Securing Web Application
    • Developing & Using Custom Tags
    • Web Tier Design Patterns
    Training Methodology
    • Lectures & Demos by industry experts
    • Project Driven Hands-On approach
    • Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices
    • Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation
    A highly scalable commercial level web application using Servlets /
    JSPs, JDBC & Struts Framework. The project should be implemented using
    best practices & patterns such MVC, DAO etc

    • Developers, Team Leads, Analysts etc.
    • IT/Computer Science graduates
    • Any other person having good understanding of programming
    • EVS Certified Java Developer
    • SCJP:Sun Certified Java Programer
    • SCWCD:Sun Certified Web Component Developer

    For further details contact

    Lahore Branch

    Call: 042-111-685-822 or 300-4102039
    Walk: 349 Ferozepure Road, M-Block Gulberg, Lahore
    Rawalpindi / Islamabad Branch

    Call: 051-111-685-822 or 300-4102039
    Walk: 92, 6th Road Block A, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi
    EVS, Jun 18, 2010
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