"Free" Round trip airline ticket in the US or Anywhere in the world -

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by your_home_business, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. JET99 -- a Travel and Cash Rewards Company

    Jet99 has been on Alexa's top
    10 Movers and Shakers for the past 2 of its
    first 3 weeks of existence! That means
    that we made the list for the top 10
    fastest growing websites on the planet!!
    What's amazing is that all the
    visitors to Jet99 came from 100% member referrals.

    The Jet99 Test Flight will be open until
    August 9, 2004. Jet99 is a Travel
    and Cash Rewards Company that is a
    simple, easy and rewarding way to earn
    Travel Miles and Cash.


    Jet99 has a Friends-Fly-Free Program
    your ticket to more "FREE Tickets" For
    every new member you refer that earns a
    "Free" Round trip airline ticket in
    the US or Anywhere in the world -
    You earn a matching ticket to go anywhere
    you want to go. You can refer additional
    members by using your personal
    website below:


    When you enroll for
    "FREE" you receive: Accrue one
    (1) Travel Mile for everyone that enrolls
    after you.

    Ability to earn cash rewards
    $100, $2500, and $25,000

    A Personal Jet99 Website :
    A Private Back Office to track your Travel and
    Cash Rewards

    Jet99 was established to be a fun,
    easy and simple way for people to earn a
    FREE round trip airline ticket and cash.
    The perfect goal for Jet99 would be
    for you to spend about 1 hour of your life,
    not 1 hour a week, or a night,
    or a day, and end up with a FREE round
    trip airline ticket to any place your
    heart desires and some cash!


    This is not SPAM. We either belong to a safe group
    or we have exchanged marketing opportunities in the past
    You agreed to receive messages from list members
    To be removed - Log into the List and delete your safelist account.
    This is the only way to be removed!
    You can reply to this e-mail and I will remove you
    from my personal members list.
    your_home_business, Jul 21, 2004
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