Free CD Giveway/What R U Favourite TV Themes??

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Sledgeka, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Sledgeka

    Sledgeka Guest

    I'm compiling the best ever TV Themes from 40's to
    the present day for my Soundtrack Radio show. It would be of a great
    assistance if you could email me your Favourite Top 10 TV Themes ever..
    whether Sci-Fi or other. Or you can post them here!!

    I know most of you love the Doctor Who Theme but there must be others you
    like as well. Here's your chance to tell me what TV Themes you like.

    Those that send or post their Top 10 Favourite TV Themes could win a CD(TV
    related) brand New!! from B&E Distributors. Every 3rd list that I receive
    will win a CD as well as more given out during the show!!

    The Best Ever TV Themes will be broadcasted this Wednesday at 1pm on SWR FM
    99.9 in Sydney, Australia. Members from other states or overseas are still
    eligible for the free CD giveaway!!

    What are you waiting for?? send your list now!! to

    Thanks for your support!!
    Sledgeka, Apr 16, 2005
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