Free Betamax call allowance clarification

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Pet -, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I was just checking calls made through ad re-read the
    "free 300 minutes" line It's the bit that says "300 minutes per unique
    I.P. address" per 7 day rolling thingy.

    Does this mean that as I use the same account for outgoing calls both
    from work and home that I get 300 minutes for the work IP address and
    300 minutes for the home per 7 days ?

    Also, my Dad has now decided Virginmedia is a complete scam (more so
    since I pointed out that his 10/20Mbps service should not in any way he
    pausing and hesitating when streaming a single radio station from the BBC)
    Anyway, I digress.... If my understanding of the I.P. address thing as
    as it seems, does this mean I could get him on ADSL then set up an ATA
    with multiple voip accounts set up one of which being my
    own account for which all 01 & 02 numbers could be dialed while all
    other chargeable calls could be routed through his own account(s)

    And.... :¬)

    which (if any) ATA gives an abundance of voip accounts and has a dial
    plan etc?

    My Draytek just about covers my own usage with 6 accounts configurable.

    Pet -, Sep 26, 2007
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