fpermissive error of g++ in cygwin

Discussion in 'Software' started by deswal, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. deswal


    Apr 15, 2011
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    I am using cygwin
    I am getting these errors when i compile sim_routing.cc program by this command
    ../../bin/cxx sim_routing.cc
    g++ -Wall -o sim_routing sim_routing.cxx

    following errors comes
    ../../common/priority_q.h : In member function 'bool guardedQueue<ITEM>::Validate(Const char*);
    error : there are no argument to 'strcat' that depend on template parameter so a declaration of 'strcat' must be avaible.
    error : <if you use -fpermissive g++ will accept your code but allowing use of undeclared name is deprecated>
    error : there are no argument to strcat that depends on template parameter,so declaration to strcat must be avaible.

    how these errors can be removed.
    deswal, Apr 15, 2011
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