Four Networks, two routers

Discussion in 'General Computer Support' started by Riemann5334, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Feb 11, 2013
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    Lets see if I can explain this in a clear way.
    I have three different networks
    N25: (10 PLCs have a Gateway, the rest have a as gtwy)
    N10: (All the PLCs have a as gateway)
    N20: (All the PLCs have a as gateway)
    N30: (All the PLCs have a as gateway)

    Those three are automation PLCs hosts that work in different sections of a plant.
    All the cases are static IPs, and there is no DHCP servers or other fancy thing.

    To interconnect them I bought a CISCO RSV400 router, and I connected them through the LAN ports (1-4). The WAN port is disconnected.
    The router is set in each port as VLAN, and their gateway.

    Then I could achieve that the PLCs from N10, N20, and N30 could "talk" with some PLCs on the N25. Im ok with that.

    Now a new requirement arose. Some conputers have to controll and access all the PLCs. For that now I have a Router connecting a fifth network with the main plant network, wich is the N25.
    The Business network is N21: There is already a gateway in their system, and the Router to connect the N21 with N25 is (seen from the N21) or (seen from the N25)

    The computer connected in the N21 is able to see the hosts in N25 that have the gateway set as
    In the computer, I added in its windows routing table the following command:
    route add mask

    However I can't see what I have on the N10, N20, and N30. I guess because I don't have the routing table set up to forrwad packages from one router to the next one.

    My question is:
    a) How to set up the routers in the right way?
    b) How to set the routing tables in both of them? (assuming that I'm not an IT person, just an automation Engineer).

    Riemann5334, Feb 11, 2013
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