four color Bayer sensors?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by BG250, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. BG250

    BG250 Guest

    I think Nikon uses them in some of their compact cameras. The sensor being
    made by Sony. Seems the complaint with these is some non lens induced color
    fringing (rather mild) and blue color accuracy is off. So what is the
    benefit in using this?
    BG250, Nov 20, 2003
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  2. BG250

    Martin Brown Guest

    Some of the Sony chips are CMYG filtered rather than Bayer RGBG.

    The advantages are better signal to noise for low light work in each CCD
    channel, with better spatial sampling of the green channel (and inferred
    luminance). The disadvantage is potential for some colour bias in the
    blue channel although I haven't seen it happen very often.

    Sony CCDs are at present the chip of choice for low light colour
    imaging. All other things being equal.

    Martin Brown, Nov 21, 2003
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