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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by nof, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. nof

    nof Guest

    Who owns the forums of various programs? It takes time to register and
    I get sick of the procedure. (Yes I know the plural of forums!)
    Ideally the prgs should work according to the directions. There is
    often something like a missing word preventing access. While on the
    forums I don't think they are as easy to use or as entertaining as a
    the newsgroups.

    ipad and itunes are challenging. For some obscure reason nearly all my
    music disappeared from ipad and some returned to the computer. Now the
    itunes music library is partially skint. It won't sync the contents of
    the music library of itunes to ipad. I am going to put the CDs on
    again. 2 days trying to understand why is enough. Sometimes I despair
    over computers. They are meant to HELP not to frustrate. When I
    started in the '80s there was more help and we could pass on our
    skills. People age and computers demand more. Someone under 10 years
    could probably move the music to the iTunes music library and then
    back to the ipad!

    Any help at any age is to be appreciated

    nof, Mar 27, 2012
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  2. I thought that iPads are tosters, this is a computer group.
    Frank Williams, Mar 27, 2012
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  3. News group fo Toasters
    Frank Williams, Mar 27, 2012
  4. nof

    Tom Sherren Guest

    Any Apple Stores in NZ? I have found the "genius bar" pretty helpful.

    Otherwise consider an outlet that specializes in Apple products?

    Or look at,ipad .

    And of course, if you can narrow down the symptoms, Google is your friend.

    And finally, if you are in CHCH God bless!
    Tom Sherren, Mar 27, 2012
  5. nof

    Gordon Guest

    Two points

    1) Only applies to the ipad3
    2) Thet are heat pads not toasters.
    Gordon, Mar 27, 2012
  6. nof

    victor Guest

    Go to the Device Summary tab and tick manually manage music and videos.
    Then drag and drop your CDs to the ipad device in the left column.
    either from itunes or from the windows folder.
    victor, Mar 27, 2012
  7. nof

    David Empson Guest

    Having played with a friend's one (just after it had been working hard),
    I wouldn't call it a "toaster". It gets slightly warm to the touch.
    Notebook computers get much warmer.
    David Empson, Mar 27, 2012

  8. Yes Gordon I know I was having a stir, I can see any reason for them
    far to many limitations..
    Frank Williams, Mar 27, 2012
  9. nof

    Enkidu Guest

    Google for 'sterile' and 'iPad' and you will get over 5,000,000 hits.


    Enkidu, Mar 28, 2012
  10. nof

    ~misfit~ Guest


    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, Mar 31, 2012
  11. nof

    Gib Bogle Guest

    I believe the modern spelling is "forums's". ;-)
    Gib Bogle, Apr 2, 2012
  12. nof

    Enkidu Guest

    'Flash drives' have nothing to do with 'Adobe Flash'.


    Enkidu, Apr 2, 2012
  13. nof

    David Empson Guest

    You are mixing up concepts with similar names. The iPad does not support
    "Adobe Flash", which is a technology mainly used for displaying video or
    interactive content on web sites.

    A "flash drive" is a type of data storage device based on flash memory,
    which is a particular type of non-volatile but writeable memory. The
    iPad has built in flash memory which it uses for persistent storage. The
    advertised capacity of the iPad (16, 32 or 64 GB) is the approximate
    size of the flash memory.
    Except that Adobe eventually agreed and decided that it was too hard to
    keep Flash Player working well on mobile devices.

    [begin quote]

    "We will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to
    work with new mobile device configurations (chipset, browser, OS
    version, etc.) following the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for
    Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. We will of course continue to provide
    critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device

    [end quote]

    Eventually all web sites which want to offer content to users of mobile
    devices will need to come up with a way of doing it other than Adobe
    Flash, e.g. video can be supplied using HTML5 or Flash according to the
    client type, animation can be done using HTML5 and Javascript, or they
    could develop a site-specific app for major mobile platforms.

    The interesting question is how long Adobe will continue to "provide
    crticial bug fixes and security updates" for mobile versions of Flash

    There is also the problem that many of the mobile devices with Flash are
    not getting OS updates for their device, so even if Adobe does release
    mobile Flash updates, there may be no way for the end user to install
    them. Lack of updates to Flash opens devices up to more potential
    security problems with known exploits in older versions of Flash.
    David Empson, Apr 3, 2012
  14. nof

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Heh! I think you're right. Sounds more likely to be correct than 'forii'.

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, Apr 3, 2012
  15. nof

    Gib Bogle Guest

    <sigh> That was an attempt at humour - it is well known that
    ill-educated people these days have a tendency to make nouns plural by
    appending "'s" - an egregious error. And it was a joke on top of a joke
    - do you really think ~misfit~ didn't realize that "forums" is already a

    BTW "apostophe" and "possessive" ;-)
    Gib Bogle, Apr 4, 2012
  16. nof

    ~misfit~ Guest

    What? Are you saying that the plural of "forums" is "forums"?
    But you're wrong. Geoff was proposing "forum's" as a modern contraction of
    'forumses'. Please, do try to keep up.

    BTW I'm yet to meet an "apostaphe". What's the best tactics? Don't look into
    it's eyes and slowly back off or yell at it and charge? Seems they're
    increasingly common and I'd hate to get caught underwear.

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, Apr 4, 2012
  17. nof

    ~misfit~ Guest

    It was more than an attempt Gib, it was a success. Shame some / (most?)
    folks got 'wooshed'
    Personally I use 'Fora' as the plural of forum so it was fun playing with
    the plural of 'forums', to me it was a multi-layered jest. Nof saying that
    he knew the plural of 'forums' intrigued me. However I guess I need to pick
    (some of) my audience better. ;-)
    Yeah!!! That that MF! <g> (Perhaps that's the level of grammar needed in
    this shadow of nz.comp?) ;-)

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    ~misfit~, Apr 4, 2012
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