Forgets password can't send mail!

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by BT Cloutier, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. BT Cloutier

    BT Cloutier Guest

    Thunderbird keep asking me for my mail server password. When I put it in
    the password box just keeps coming back whether or no I check the password
    save box or not. Any ideas?


    BT Cloutier, Jul 30, 2005
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  2. BT Cloutier

    Doug G Guest

    Try removing the "mailbox://<username>" line from TB's
    Password Manager and then restarting the program.

    Tools > Options > Advanced > Saved Passwords > View Saved Passwords
    Doug G, Jul 30, 2005
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  3. BT Cloutier

    B Cloutier Guest

    Tried deleting everything from saved passwords and restarting. It still
    keeps asking for password and will not log me on to comcast mail server!
    Newsgroups work but not mail. I have 2 profiles and the same problem on
    both. Please help!


    B Cloutier, Aug 2, 2005
  4. BT Cloutier

    Doug G Guest

    I use "" for the POP server name and the "Use secure
    connection (SSL)" and "Use secure authentication" boxes are not checked.
    Doug G, Aug 2, 2005
  5. BT Cloutier

    B Cloutier Guest

    I checked that and boxes are not checked but I keep on getting asked for
    a password!
    B Cloutier, Aug 3, 2005
  6. Shure it's a mail-account password and not the master-password that is
    asked? I ran into that sometime ago, after I had been fiddling my
    securitysettings. Same with FireFox.

    Vriendelijke groet,
    Jan van Aalderen, Amstelveen
    Wie mijn raad volgt, doet zulks geheel op eigen risico!
    Reactie op usenetpostjes in de groep. Email zie ik niet.
    Jan van Aalderen, Aug 7, 2005
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