Force Windows-Explorer to start with Windows

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Serious, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Serious

    Serious Guest

    How do I do to force Windows-Explorer to start with Windows? Shutting
    down the system with Explorer open used to open it again on new boot -
    but only with earlier Windows versions, not with WinXP. Thanks for any
    Serious, Jul 15, 2003
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  2. Serious

    Serious Guest

    Well, that's one way to do it. But I know there is another, more
    elegant one - I just don't know it. Anybody does know?
    Serious, Jul 15, 2003
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  3. Serious

    Mike Walsh Guest

    With other versions of windows you can use TweakUI to select Save Explorer window settings. I don't know if this works with WinXP, also the option does not work with some versions of TweakUI and you might have to manually edit the registry.
    Mike Walsh, Jul 15, 2003

  4. I'm working on XP and here is how you do it on XP. From an explorer window
    click tools/folder options. Go to the view tab and check the Restore
    previous folder windows at logon option.

    That should do it.
    Robert R Kircher, Jr., Jul 15, 2003
  5. Serious

    Thor Guest

    In XP,

    My computer/tools/folder options/view

    put a check next to "restore previous folder windows at logon"

    Thor, Jul 15, 2003
  6. Serious

    Barry OGrady Guest

    Explorer should open with windows eery time. Explorer is an intergral part of

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    Barry OGrady, Jul 16, 2003
  7. Serious

    Serious Guest

    Thor and Rob were right! Thanks from a desperate ;-) Microshit user -
    hope to read your comments somewhere else again. If I can be of any
    assistance to you, let me know.
    Serious, Jul 16, 2003
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