For Sale: Westell All-In-One Router-Modem For Hardwired & Wireless DSL Connections

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by W. K. Mahler, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. W. K. Mahler

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    Verizon sent me two identical products, one of which I don't need at all so
    I am offering it up for a minimum $40 USD.

    This is for DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). It will work with Verizon as well
    as any DSL carrier (at least in the USA & Canada.) This is in-box, opened,
    looked at and never used.

    *This did not come with and does not include DSL filters (required to have
    maximum DSL and regular phone use).

    Westell Versalink Model 327W
    *PDF reader required:
    (What that pdf page states.)

    In brief,
    All In One Hardwired & Wireless Router & Modem.
    Run at 54 Mbps per second.
    *Seperatly sold USB wireless adapters for your PC/MAC/Notebook may be
    Westell claims this has a 400 yard range (barring windows, walls etc.)
    Comes with AC Adapter (US Electric, not European)

    No install software required, nor is there any at

    The optional uplink port (VersaPortT)
    transforms an Ethernet LAN port into
    an Ethernet WAN port for alternative
    access, including fiber, fixed wireless
    or connection to existing ADSL
    Wired networking LAN interfaces include
    an integrated 4-port 10/100 Mbps
    Ethernet switch. Users requiring the
    mobility of wireless access can network
    an 802.11b/g/g+ access point, providing
    users with 50% more throughput than
    standard 802.11g.
    VersaLink offers advanced software that
    includes a sophisticated stateful inspection
    packet filtering firewall, port
    forwarding, DHCP, DNS and NAT
    functionality. The embedded software
    enables up to 253 user access to the
    Internet using a single IP address, while
    securely protected behind a NAT
    enabled firewall. Alternatively, users can
    maintain multiple IP addresses across
    the Internet.
    VersaLink is easy to install, simple
    to set-up, configure and manage.
    Installation can be done in minutes
    through the use of a standard browser
    VersaLink supports QoS at layer 3 and
    layer 2 to prioritize multiple applications
    with predictable performance.
    VersaLink, Westell's wireless DSL gateway, has been designed to address
    the flexible broadband networking demands of the multi-user environment.
    VersaLink combines Westell's industry-leading ADSL2+ modem technology
    with a high-performance wireless and flexible router function. It provides
    wired networking using Ethernet and optional USB, and the convenience of
    802.11g wireless.

    Faster wireless data
    transmission with
    g+ technology
    Supports up to 253 users
    Easy to install
    Remote manageability
    ensures consistent
    monitoring and performance
    Very affordable device for
    SOHO and small businesses
    Optional VersaPort provides
    alternate WAN interface



    William K. Mahler
    Skype ID: mahlersdotcom
    All landline and or cell phone calls while using Skype
    anywhere USA & Canada are free 'till 2007.
    W. K. Mahler, Sep 8, 2006
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