For Sale Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II Digital Camera

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by ifeanyi23, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. ifeanyi23

    ifeanyi23 Guest

    Company Name :: Camtech Electronics Ltd
    Address :: 21 Goldings Close
    Haverhill, Suffolk
    Zipcode :: CB90EQ
    Country :: United Kingdom
    Contact Number :: +447011138241 OR +4470224024470

    E-mail ::
    E-mail ::
    MSN ::


    All our product are branded new in thier original pack with their full
    accessories and also comes with warranty and return policy.


    We deliver consignment within a stipulatted time of 48hours(2 workin
    at your door steps via FedEx Courier service.And theTracking numbe
    shall be
    sent to you upon acknowledgement of your payment.


    You may return the item within ten (10) days of delivery of the order.
    Products with Manufacturer Warranties which exceed 30 days, may b
    directly to the manufacturer according to their instructions. Custome
    request a replacement product otherwise company creditwill be issued
    restocking fee maybe applied to your return.

    Below Here Are Some Of Our Product And Their Prices :]



    ETEN X800 Glofiish cost $ 745.90usd
    ETEN G500 cost $ 345.64usd
    ETEN M600 cost $320.44usd
    ETEN M700 Glofiish 2 cost $400.70usd
    ETEN X500 Glofiish cost $ 420.32usd
    Eten x500+ Glofiish (Black) $ 399.00usd


    Blackberry 8100 Pearl (white) cost $280.50usd
    Blackberry 8100 Pearl AT&T (unlocked) RED cost $329.00usd
    Blackberry 8100 Pearl Cingular (Unlocked) cost $354.50usd
    Blackberry 8700g cost $ 300usd
    Blackberry 8800 cost 400usd
    Blackberry Curve 8300 cost $340usd

    HTC Advantage.

    HTC 9100 Tmobile MDA cost $299.50usd
    HTC Advantage Pocket PC (Athena-X7500) cost$ 500usd
    HTC Advantage X7501 Pocket PC cost $800usd
    HTC Breeze cost $280.50usd
    HTC Foreseer cost$293usd
    HTC MTeor cost $300usd
    HTC P3300 cost$ 420usd
    HTC P3350 cost $450usd
    HTC P3400 cost 638.50usd
    HTC P3450 Touch$ 422.60usd
    HTC P3450 Touch (Wasabi Green) cost $445.40usd
    HTC P3600 (Trinity) cost 542usd
    HTC P4550 Kaiser cost $600.50usd
    HTC P5500 Nike cost 720usd


    iMate JAM cost $224.50
    iMate JAQ cost $247.50
    iMate Jaq 3 cost $299.50
    iMate Jaq 4 cost $329.50
    iMate PDAL cost $355.50
    iMate SP Jam cost $388.50
    iMate SPL cost $398.50
    iMate Ultimate 5150 cost$400.00usd
    iMate Ultimate 6150 cost$ 430.20usd
    iMate Ultimate 7150 cost $452.60usd
    iMate Ultimate 8150 cost $485.50usd
    iMate Ultimate 9150 cost $492.30usd


    LG KE770 Shine cost $290usd
    LG KE800 Special Edition Gold cost $320.50usd
    LG KE800 Special Edition Silver cost $ 350.60usd
    LG KE850 Prada cost $400usd
    LG KE970 Shine 3G cost 380usd


    Mio A701 cost $ 320.10usd
    Mio C310 cost $ 355.20usd
    Mio P350 cost $ 284usd
    Mio P550 cost $190usd


    Nokia 6110 Navigator cost 290usd
    Nokia 770 Internet Tablet cost$235.00
    Nokia 8600 Luna cost $430usd
    Nokia 8800 Sirocco cost $240usd
    Nokia 8800 Sirocco (18K Gold Edition) cost 320usd
    Nokia 8801 cost 180usd
    Nokia E61 cost 220usd
    Nokia E61i cost 270usd
    Nokia E65 cost 285.20usd
    Nokia E90 Communicator cost 320.50usd
    Nokia N70 cost 210usd
    Nokia N72 cost 230usd
    Nokia N73 cost 245usd
    Nokia N75 cost 255usd
    Nokia N76 (red) cost 273usd
    Nokia N77 cost 280usd
    Nokia N80 cost 290usd
    Nokia N91 cost 292usd
    Nokia N93 cost 295usd
    Nokia N93i cost 297usd
    Nokia N95 cost 320usd
    Nokia N99 cost 450usd

    Apple Iphone

    Apple Iphone 4GB cost 300usd
    Apple Iphone 8Gb cost 420usd.


    Playstation 3(60gb) cost 300usd
    playstation 2 cost 250usd
    playstation 1 cost 170usd
    nintendo wii cost 220usd
    game cube cost 180usd
    xbox 360 gold pack cost 200usd

    Navigation Systems

    Tom Tom Go 910 ........ 400usd
    Tom Tom Go 700........ 280usd
    Tom Tom Go 500 ............ 230usd
    Tom TOM one ................... 180usd
    Pioneer AVIC-N3 cost 500usd
    Pioneer AVIC-S1 cost 280usd
    Pioneer AVIC-Z1 cost 800usd


    (Sony Vaio Laptops)

    Sony VAIO(r) VGN-FS780/W PC Notebook cost 900usd
    Sony VAIO(r) VGN-FE770G PC Notebook cost 750usd
    Sony VAIO(r) VGN-SZ450N/C PC Notebook cost 580usd

    (Dell Laptops)

    Dell XPS M2010 cost 980usd
    Dell XPS M1710 cost 700usd
    Dell InspironTM 6400 (INSP6400DCD166) PC Notebook cost 600usd

    (Apple Mac Book laptop )

    Apple MacBook (MA700LL/A) Mac Notebook cost 440usd
    Apple MacBook Pro (MA610LL) Notebook cost 450usd
    Apple MacBook Pro (MA611LL/A) Notebook cost 630usd

    (Digital Cameras)

    Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens---$300usd

    Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi Body Only Digital Camera----$350usdf

    Canon EOS 30D Body Only Digital Camera----$420usd

    Canon EOS-5D Body Only Digital Camera---$550usd

    Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II Digital Camera----$1,500usd

    Canon EOS 30D / EF-S 17-85mm IS Digital Camera---$400usd

    Canon EOS 30D Digital Camera with 18-55 Kit---$360usd

    ( Nikon Digital Cameras)

    Nikon D40x Digital Camera----$365usd

    Nikon D40 Digital Camera with G-II 18-55mm Lens---$300usd

    Nikon D80 Digital Camera with 18-135mm Lens----$400usd

    Nikon D80 Digital Camera with 18-200mm Lens---$420usd

    Nikon D80 Body Only Digital Camera---$360usd

    Nikon D200 Body Only Digital Camera---$450usd

    Nikon D200 Digital Camera with 18-200mm Lens---$700usd

    Nikon D2Xs (Body Only) Digital Camera---$900usd

    Nikon D200 Digital Camera with 18-135mm---$600usd

    Any buyer who is interested in any of the product should contact us
    with the
    fellowing in our e-maill address

    1. The brand of what you want to buy from us
    2. The unit(s)/pics of what you want to buy from us
    3.Your full contact number and shipping address

    Below here is our company contact details.
    Company Name :: Camtech Electronics Ltd
    Address :: 21 Goldings Close
    Haverhill, Suffolk
    Zipcode :: CB90EQ
    Country :: United Kingdom
    Contact Number :: +447011138241 OR +4470224024470

    E-mail ::
    E-mail ::
    MSN ::

    Thanks and God bless.
    As we await your mail or call.
    ifeanyi23, Oct 21, 2007
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  2. ifeanyi23

    Guest Guest

    My, what a nice way to flag your company to never get any business from the
    internet from anyone. You do realize that you committed the #1 cardinal sin of
    usenet don't you? You single-handedly just destroyed your company and any hopes
    of selling anything.

    Nice! :)
    Guest, Oct 22, 2007
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  3. Both of you need to get a brain and a life.

    The Spider
    The Spider Formally Seated Next To Little Miss Muf, Oct 22, 2007
  4. ifeanyi23

    Paul Furman Guest

    The prices are a clear indication that nothing will be delivered after
    the customer's money is taken.
    Paul Furman, Oct 22, 2007
  5. ifeanyi23

    imanozzi Guest

    I spotted the deliberate? error.
    $50 cheaper to buy with the lens!!!

    Also, reading between the lines, it is obvious that this company is not UK
    owned/run. The grammar suggests maybe Nigeria, Indonesia, China, etc.
    imanozzi, Oct 22, 2007
  6. ifeanyi23

    John Ortt Guest

    A UK company selling in US Dollars is somewhat unusual too.
    John Ortt, Oct 22, 2007
  7. ifeanyi23

    ChrisM Guest

    In message 471ca78e$,
    The company is pukka, but they make/sell printed circuit boards not consumer
    Their name/address has been 'stolen' by these scammers...
    Company Name and address are correct, but phone numbers and email addys are
    ChrisM, Oct 22, 2007
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