Fonebooth Bonus $50 with Free VSR panel

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Sales.Fonebooth, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Fonebooth offers a very feature-rich Retail solution that allows you to
    manage your Resellers panels without any extra or hidden charges and free
    Voip Tunnel (VPN). We Offer our own dialer with & without VPN for call
    shop solutions. We offer A-Z with Retail Quality routes with FREE Voip
    switch VSR.

     Mobile Dialer
     Call Shop Solution
     Pc2phone
     Device2phone

    Here are some top destinations we are specialized in:

    1. Pakistan
    2. India
    3. Bangladesh
    4. Sri Lanka
    5. Nepal
    6. Philippine
    7. Egypt

    We offer complete A-Z along with our retail platform solution:

    • Free VoIP Tunnel (VPN)
    • Real Time Online Billing and CDRs for your customers
    • Very simple and Friendly Web Management Interface.
    • You can set your own Rates, and determine your own Profit
    • You can set your own Agents
    • Very High Quality Routes
    • No Large Deposit or commitment required (pay as you go)

    These routes are ONLY available with our retail Platform along with
    premium white A-Z CLI routes.

    Contact us for further details or visit our website.




    FoneBooth Networks limited
    Address: 1301 Bank of America Tower,
    Suite 481, 12 Harcourt Road,
    Central, Hong Kong

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    Sales.Fonebooth, Jun 17, 2010
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