Following Up: Unusual Solution To Vid Capture Problem

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Pete Holland Jr., Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Hey, everybody!

    I posted a question a few weeks ago because I was having trouble
    capturing with my ATI All In Wonder 8500DV. After a while of capturing,
    my video files would get these patches of green in them, sometimes
    taking up half the screen from top to bottom and all the way from left
    to right. Initially, it kept happening until I reinstalled the drivers,
    but then it was just a question of when until it happened again and I'd
    have to reinstall. I reformatted my main drive and did a clean install
    of the OS and everything. The green appeared after a while, but simply
    restarting the computer solved the problem for a while. Some suggested
    I needed new drivers for my motherboard. One person suggested I get a
    whole new interface for plugging my video camera into my computer. I
    appreciated the info, but not only was I not sure that would solve the
    problem, but also it wouldn't help when I wanted to handle old TV shows
    I have on video tape.

    Well, folks, I managed to solve the problem, and the nature of the
    problem is so unusual, I figured I should post it here. Suffice it to
    say everybody, even ATI's customer service line, got it wrong, but it's
    not anyone's fault. The advice given was very good.

    The problem is a quirk in my motherboard. I have a Biostar M7MKE
    motherboard. Before I did my clean install of my WinME operating
    system, I loaded up all three memory expansion slots with 256M memory
    modules. I thought I'd be sporting 768M, more than enough to handle

    It turns out the board doesn't like anything in SLOT 2. I mixed and
    matched memory modules, such as a couple of spare 128M's in the slots.
    The only time the capture went awry was when something, regardless of
    size, was in that SLOT 2. SLOT 0 and 1, no problem, I could put
    anything in there. Put something in 2, and the computer got indignant.

    I have no idea if the problem is the driver. Literally. I got the most
    recent driver a year ago. Biostar is no longer offering the driver on
    its website, so if you have a M7MKE motherboard but no driver for your
    operating system, I'm afraid you might be out of luck. (There was a
    place called eSupport offering drivers, but I'm leery of handing over
    personal computer information and program space to something I've never
    heard of.)

    So I wanted to follow up with my discovery and thank the people that
    responded. As I said, your advice was good, but no one could have seen
    this particular problem coming. I only figured it out after I started
    trying to find a pattern in how many captures I could make and how long
    I could go before the green patches appeared. So I do thank you for
    trying to help me along.

    Pete Holland Jr.
    Pete Holland Jr., Dec 31, 2003
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  2. Pete Holland Jr.

    ICee Guest

    Did anyone tell you that Win98/ME has problems with more than 512 MB of
    physical memory?

    short version:
    ICee, Dec 31, 2003
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  3. Pete Holland Jr., Dec 31, 2003
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