Flintstones DVD set of the first season is due for release, this month.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Tom McCafferty, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. A copy will be mine as soon as it hits the shelves.

    The episodes, before Pebbles and Bam Bam are the best.
    Tom McCafferty, Mar 3, 2004
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  2. My favorite episode IS with Pebble and Bam Bam though. It is the one
    with the kids' party and the office party.

    I also like the Ten Flintstones, episode too.
    Tom McCafferty, Mar 3, 2004
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  3. Flintstones Episode Guide
    Season 1


    * The Flintstone Flyer (P-2)
    Written by Mike Maltese
    Rec 4-2-60, Air 9-30-60
    Barney builds "The Barney Copter," which Fred renames "The Flintstone
    Flyer," and which the boys use to go bowling instead of to the opera
    with their wives.

    * Hot Lips Hannigan (P-9)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 5-2-60, Air 10-7-60
    Fred makes Betty and Wilma disappear (he thinks) in a magic cabinet, and
    he and Barney join in a hep jam session at the Rockland.

    * The Swimming Pool (P-1)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 4-1-60, Air 10-14-60
    Fred and Barney build a joint swimming pool in their backyards, leading
    to a series of fights prior to a surprise birthday party for Fred.

    * No Help Wanted (P-6)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 4-11-60, Air 10-21-60
    Fred causes Barney to lose his job, so he helps him get a new one--as a
    furniture repossessor. Fred's TV set is first on Barney's list.

    * The Split Personality (P-10)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 5-9-60, Air 10-28-60
    Knocked on the head by a bottle, Fred becomes "Frederick," an irritating

    * The Monster From the Tar Pits (P-14)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 6-22-60, Air 11-4-60
    Fred is the stunt double in Gary Granite's latest picture.

    * The Babysitters (P-4)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 4-6-60, Air 11-11-60
    Fred and Barney babysit little Egbert and bring the child to Joe
    Rockhead's house so they can watch the fights. Joe's runtosaurus (and
    all hell) breaks loose.

    * At the Races (P-7)
    Written by Sydney Zelinka
    Rec 4-18-60, Air 11-18-60
    In order to buy Boulder Dan's billiard parlor, Fred and Barney turn to
    gambling. "Come on, Sabre Tooth!" they plead. "DOOON'T bet on the
    races!" advises a fellow spectator.

    * The Engagement Ring (P-5)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 4-8-60, Air 11-25-60
    Barney buys a ring for Betty, Fred hides it, and Wilma finds it--and
    thinks it's meant for her. Now Barney has to fight the champ to raise

    * Hollyrock, Here I Come (P-12)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 5-20-60, Air 12-2-60
    Wilma and Betty win a slogan contest, leading to a trip to Hollyrock and
    (indirectly) to a new TV show called "The Frogmouth."

    * The Golf Champion (P-15)
    Written by Sydney Zelinka
    Rec 6-29-60, Air 12-9-60
    Barney won't let Fred keep his golf trophy because he hasn't paid his
    lodge dues.

    * The Sweepstakes Ticket (P-16)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 7-11-60, Air 12-16-60
    Fred and Barney buy a lottery ticket and hide it in an old coat; Wilma
    and Betty buy one and hide it in a coffee pot. Confusion ensues.

    * The Drive-In (P-8)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 4-25-60, Air 12-23-60
    The boys buy a diner without telling the wives, but have difficulty
    keeping their secret when the "burger on a bun" girls show up at Fred's

    * The Prowler (P-3)
    Written by Joseph Barbera
    Rec 4-5-60, Air 12-30-60
    Betty and Wilma want to take Judo lessons to defend themselves against a
    neighborhood burglar.

    * The Girls' Night Out (P-13)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 5-31-60, Air 1-6-61
    Fred cuts a record at an amusement park and becomes teen singing idol

    * Arthur Quarry's Dance Class (P-20)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 8-22-60, Air 1-13-61
    Fred and Barney take dance lessons, using Joe Rockhead's Volunteer Fire
    Department as a front.

    * The Big Bank Robbery (P-19)
    Written by Arthur Phillips
    Rec 8-15-60, Air 1-20-61
    Fred and Barney intercept $86,000 in stolen loot, and are soon wanted by
    both the police and the real robbers.

    * The Snorkasaurus Hunter (P-11)
    Written by Warren Foster and Mike Maltese
    Rec ?, Air 1-27-61
    On a hunting trip, the gang encounter a fast-moving, fast-talking
    snorkasaurus. Fred and Barney try to catch him for dinner.

    * The Hot Piano (P-18)
    Written by Mike Maltese
    Rec 7-27-60, Air 2-3-61
    Fred buys a piano from 88 Fingers Louie as an anniversary present for

    * The Hypnotist (P-17)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 7-25-60, Air 2-10-61
    Inspired by the Great Mesmo, Fred accidentally hypnotizes Barney into
    thinking he's a dog. Barney runs off and winds up in the pound.

    * Love Letters On the Rocks (P-21)
    Written by Arthur Phillips
    Rec 9-2-60, Air 2-17-61
    Fred finds a love letter to Wilma and hires Perry Gunite, a private eye.

    * The Tycoon (P-22)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 9-13-60, Air 2-24-61
    Fred trades places with J. L. Gotrocks, his rich double.

    * The Astr'nuts (P-23)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 9-27-60, Air 3-3-61
    The boys accidentally enlist in the Army and are recruited for a
    top-secret moon launch.

    * The Long, Long Weekend (P-24)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 10-24-60, Air 3-10-61
    The Flintstones and Rubbles visit the hotel owned by Fred's old friend
    Gus ("Smooooothie") and end up as the only members of the hotel staff
    just as the Water Buffalo convention rolls into town.

    * In the Dough (P-25)
    Written by Arthur Phillips
    Rec 11-12-60 and 11-17-60, Air 3-17-61
    Wilma and Betty's Flint Rubble Double Bubble Cake makes them finalists
    in a bake-off, but Fred and Barney must assume their identities when the
    wives get the measles.

    * The Good Scout (P-26)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 11-12-60, Air 3-24-61
    Fred and Barney lead a Boy Scout troop into danger.

    * Rooms For Rent (P-27)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 1-11-61, Air 3-31-61
    Wilma and Betty take in music students as lodgers.

    * Fred Flintstone--Before and After (P-28)
    Written by Warren Foster
    Rec 1-23-61, Air 4-7-61
    Fred's appearance in a Fat Off Reducing Method commercial leads to his
    joining Food Anonymous.
    Tom McCafferty, Mar 3, 2004
  4. Tom McCafferty

    Peter Guest

    Nah.. The absolute best Flintstones would have be to the James BondRock one,
    with Madame Yes
    and the "Judo-Chop Chop" =)

    Of course there are many many many many great ones, but that's my favorite.

    The worst of the worst was the Pebbles and Bam Bam show where fred and
    Barney were cops ? WTF was that about
    Peter, Mar 4, 2004
  5. But do you prefur the ones before the kids enter their lives or after.

    Before, is more like the Honeymooners.

    There was one episode that guest starred the Hatrocks and the Grusomes.

    The was like the Honeymooners, Beverly Hillbillies and Munsters in the same
    Tom McCafferty, Mar 4, 2004
  6. All the episodes Everybody THINKS They Remember are usually from '64-'66
    A.P. (After Pebbles), through kitsch, bad memory, or
    afterschool-syndication childhoods--
    Gazoo, the Judo Chop, the Hatrocks, etc.

    But only TRUE Flintstones fans know the cutoff point was a few episodes
    into the A.P. era--Conventionally assumed to be *the* birth-of-Pebbles
    episode, but there were a few good two or three after.
    (The more generous extend the cutoff point to the end of Season 3--Can't
    leave the "Swedish Houseguests" episode out.)
    It was the end of Camelot not only for the series, but for the energy
    and humor of 60's Hanna-Barbera in general--After '63, they just...kind
    of gave up caring. (Snagglepuss notwithstanding.)

    Now, as for which is the *TRUE* era of B.P. (Before Pebbles) Flintstones
    greatness--the loopy Michael Maltese/Warren Foster first season and its
    Jack Benny Show influences, or the virtuoso verbal surrealism of the
    seven second-season Larry Parkes episodes ("Flintstone at Princestone",
    "The Missing School Bus")--the debate shall always continue.

    Derek Janssen (or rather, it will continue interrupted by the occasional
    pop-culture-jackass Ann-Margrock jokes)
    Derek Janssen, Mar 4, 2004
  7. Some people thought the cartoons were TOO LOUD!!!! Like when Wilma is taking
    Judo lessons, then practises on Fred once, and Frog Mouth!
    Tom McCafferty, Mar 5, 2004
  8. "Well how about pin the tail on the clown?"
    Tom McCafferty, Mar 5, 2004
    Tom McCafferty, Mar 5, 2004
  10. Tom McCafferty

    gcarras Guest

    Id' rather pin the tail on the dinosaur.

    The Snorkasaurs episode is ending..I got the DVD for XMAS..Jerry Mann
    was the guy responsible for that Phil Silvers-soun ding beast.
    "Glad-t'see ya..glad t-see ya!":)
    gcarras, Dec 27, 2004
  11. Tom McCafferty

    Bratboy Guest

    Silly me for asking but what the heck? I've had the 1st season collection of
    Flintstones for about a yr now, got it around the same time I picked up the
    Scooby collection of Season 1&2. Did they decide to release another
    variation of the set or something?
    Bratboy, Dec 27, 2004
  12. Silly me for asking but what the heck? I've had the 1st season collection
    No, someone just replied to this thread from around March or April.
    Wesley Mead \('Wezzo'\), Dec 27, 2004
  13. Tom McCafferty

    Bratboy Guest

    Ah, thanks. Thought maybe they'd released a fancier set or something.
    Bratboy, Dec 27, 2004
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